Wednesday, March 29


I was out at a concert tonight (The Fray - awesome!!) & won't get to a detailed recap til tomorrow. I enjoyed most of the performances, Ace & Bucky being my favorites & Chris my least favorite. I think Lisa is certain to go but honestly everyone's performance level was close and I don't know who else to predict for the bottom 3; if I have to I'll guess Bucky & Mandisa. More tomorrow!

p.s. I heard there were phone number ID problems again?! Well at least if it's re-run I can vote! ;-)


J.D. said...

For the love of Mike, I hope that there weren't any phone number issues, because I do NOT want to see that show again. What a wretched bunch of performances!

So which concert did you see?

Kat said...

Well so far I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming it's results as normal. Hope!!

I saw the band "The Fray." It was really good!

mozz said...

The number problem was that during Mandisa's performance, they briefly flashed the "Taylor Hicks" info before correctly displaying Mandisa's. It only lasted about a second and shouldn't be an issue.