Thursday, March 9

A Time for Mourning...

Ok maybe that's a bit extreme, but for any Idol addict, when your favorite goes, that's all you can do.

I'll do a full recap tomorrow. The basics: booted were Kinnik, Ayla, Gedeon, and my Will.



Todd said...

I agree. :(

I don't understand how the public could vote off Will and leave Kevin and Bucky still standing. I'm also not very impressed with Elliott or Taylor.

My only consolation is that I'm sure Will will be successful in the music industry some day.

Kat said...

Thanks. I do like Bucky though I agree Will is more talented and much more versatile. Bucky has been gaining a *lot* of fans though... he and Kevin have both shown more "personality" than Will had yet (the Japanese was a start) which was probably a factor. I could take or leave Taylor, but I think Elliott could be the best male vocalist of the season. I've been wondering what you think about Ace, because you like that style of music...? (I loved Father Figure but the last 2 notsomuch.)

Thatchermom said...

I was shocked at Will getting eliminated. I thought of you because I know how much you like him. He was easily 10x better than Kevin, and just as adorable, so I don't get it. I can kind of understand Ayla and Gedeon, even though I think they were better singers than some who made the finals, I think their personalities might have put some people off. I personally really liked Gedeon, I enjoyed his overenunciation. But I can see that others might have just found him weird. And everything about Ayla was a little too picture perfect.

Anyway...sorrow...I'll miss Will, too. :(