Thursday, March 16

Top 12 Results (3/15/06)

Ryan opens the show out in the audience standing next to someone holding a sign for... Ryan! Heh. Says there were 32.5 million votes last night. Short recap, nothing surprising.

Our first Ford commercial of the season, whee! The song is "All I Want" (Toad the Wet Sprocket) and it starts w/Chris on guitar, then Bucky peeks out the back of the... truck? I have no clue what the vehicle actually looked like, lol! Anyway they all appear & start singing... around a campfire... and one is wearing a monster suit, then Katharine shows up dressed like a cop and the suited person takes of the head to reveal himself, & it's Ace. Whatever - cheesy commercial, yay!

Before Stevie Wonder's guest performance he mentions trying to give objective opinions to the contestants in their time together, as well as constructive criticism. Interesting how the only ones we're shown receiving this criticism are Bucky and Melissa. Not sure what he sang, didn't keep my attention.

On to the results: we're looking for the "3 people with the lowest number of votes," however you want to interpret that (what, me, cynical?). First up are Kevin & Ace and Ryan says one is safe, the other's in the bottom 3, and that's Ace! Poor thing, 1st one up there always has to wait forever all by their lonesome, & he always looks so nervous anyway... oh well. Are the judges surprised? Yes, no, usual answers. Next several people are safe: Paris, Kellie, Taylor, and I totally forget the order but Melissa is in the bottom 3 (no surprise) and Chris, Elliott, Mandisa and Katharine are safe. Which leaves Lisa and Bucky... and Bucky is safe, woo-hoo! ;-) Honestly I expected Lisa to be in the bottom 3 but she won't leave yet; Melissa's a sure thing. The others are a sign that early favorites are losing fans as their performances don't stand out so much around other good-to-great contestants &/or sound the same every week, plus some who weren't shown early on (Elliott, Bucky) are replacing them as viewers' favorites.

First safe & back to the couches: Ace, who is mighty relieved & bows w/hands together all Asian-style grateful to the audience/viewers at home. So it's Melissa or Lisa, and as almost everyone predicted, including Melissa herself, she is the first finalist to leave. The judges' reverse pimping was successful! I do love her voice, but you really can't afford to mess up lyrics at this stage, and really, she wasn't expected to get this far, so I'm content. Now if only we could get rid of Kevin next week so all the others are on tour....

She was cute, watching the video clip which included a line saying how music was her passion, & she's kind-of swaying or dancing along to the background music! Unfortunately her sing-out was cut off after about 3 lines, but at least she got to do it for the studio audience.


J.D. said...

That Ford commercial sounded great with Chris singing, and then when everybody started in, it went STRAIGHT to Hell. He actually sounds great singing Toad the Wet Sprocket songs.

I'm not surprised by the outcome, but just a bit bumfuzzled that Kevin continues to plague our TVs next week.

Kat said...

He did sound good. But I wonder if that was even him playing; you can tell at several points that the video doesn't match the audio, especially at the end when only one of them cuts off! So, so far we've had glimpses of Chris on guitar & heard Taylor's harmonica at least twice; when do we get to hear Bucky play his guitar? Oh yeah, that's right, never! Because that might show his talent & get him more votes. ;-) (In the clips w/Stevie Wonder he's actually sitting next to Taylor, playing guitar, in Taylor's clip, but all we see is his shoulder & the end of the guitar. And no I did not discover this myself.)