Friday, March 3

Results Show #2 (3/2/06)

WHEW! Am I dreaming? Or did we just have an elimination of 4 people that actually deserved to go, and none of the bottom 6 were people I'm attached to?! Woo-hoo!!!

Tonight 20 will be whittled down to 16. Ryan tells us there were over 42 million votes cast. And we begin with another group song, yay! This time we get "Love the One You're With," with cheesy choreography and pointy poses and everything!! Wheee! So Melissa starts off with the first solo - surely that bodes well for her (I hope). But why are they hiding Ace? Does that mean something? Ah, I love the "dancing." But I'm also looking for clues about tonight's results....

The recap isn't anything spectacular. Some did slower songs "to show their range" (Will & Ace, Katharine?), others "picked up the pace" & "showed attitude" (Kinnik, Kellie). Song choice was an issue. Several did country, others "stuck to what they do best" (genre-wise - David for one). Confidence was not a problem for some (Elliott & Ayla), and once again the youngest did very well (Paris, Gedeon, Lisa, and Kevin[?!]). But "the diva and the rocker stole the show" (Mandisa & Chris, obviously).

Carrie Underwood guests and sings her current hit "Jesus, Take the Wheel." It's a good song with crossover appeal, I'm not surprised it's doing well. We see Melissa singing along, and Kellie too on the chorus. I've heard Bo will be on next week - yay!!

Eliminations again start with the girls. This week we're looking for the 3 contestants receiving the lowest number of votes, and we go through one by one starting with the back row: Lisa - safe; Ayla - safe; Katharine - safe; Mandisa - safe; Kinnik is the first to be called onstage. Front row: Brenna is in the bottom 3; Kellie is safe; Paris is safe; and we're down to Heather and Melissa. Heather joins the others in the bottom 3 and Melissa is safe! Yay!

Brenna is the first to leave and as soon as Ryan tells her she starts talking about making money, asks Clive (Davis) to call Nigel like she's expecting to be signed... ok, sure, whatever. She sings. Second to leave is... Heather. So Kinnik is safe at least one more week. Heather sings, and we move on to the boys.

With the guys, Ryan asks each of them whether they think they're in the bottom 3 or not; I hate when they do this! And poor Bucky is first... he basically says he doesn't know (as almost everyone will), and we wait... Ryan asks if Bucky wants him to just tell him and the Southern gentleman says, "If you wouldn't mind"! Hee! (Everyone laughed.) Aaaand Bucky is safe! Woo-hoo and yee-haw! (I've really started to like him, in case you couldn't tell.) Next is Ace, who gets the same question, and says he doesn't know... and Ace is safe! Yay! (Gah, I hate this!) Elliott is safe. Sway is the first to be in the bottom 3. And the row finishes with Taylor, who's the first to give Ryan a quick answer: "No, no, no!" Well he was right, he's safe.

From the bottom row Chris is safe, Gedeon is safe, and David is in the bottom 3. Wow! I mean, I think he should be, but I'm surprised as I thought he had more power-voting fans. Anyway we're down to Will (still my favorite) and Kevin... aaaaand Will is safe! Kevin is in the bottom 3, and none of my favorite guys are leaving tonight! Great relief. So who is going? The guy with the lowest number of votes is... David! I'm still shocked. But boy looks relieved to be leaving; I think the post-performance beatings were taking their toll. He sings, and is joined on stage by sad and supportive co-contestants. And finally, Kevin gets to sit down and breathe and Sway is sent home. He gets to sing as well. he's sad. obviously, & I kind-of feel bad for him, but then we weren't given the chance to get to know him at all so I really don't.

Again, whew! I'm very, very happy. For another week, anyway! I love this show! :-)


Thatchermom said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see Brenna and David get eliminated this week. Do you think America is starting to get the hang of this?

It seems to me that almost all the boot-ees sound better in their singoffs than they did before. There must be a bad case of nerves going around the set this year. Except Brenna - ugh. I'm glad she's gone. I also thought David just seemed relieved to be going home.

Did you watch Idol season 1? Someone like Sway would have been top 5 material that year. Shows you how far this show has come.

Kat said...

I think the sing-offs are almost always better, since there's nothing at stake - I remember that from past years too. And yes, I have watched every moment of every episode of every season - except for one special episode of (only) Worst Auditions! Other than Jim Verraros I think the first season had a decent Top 10... of course every year people who stand out amid the bad auditions pale once their surrounded by other good folk. I remember last year being so excited that we might finally have a Finalists group that could always sing in tune - but alas, it was not to be. And at least for a lot of other voters I know, at this point it's about keeping in the people we like and want to see on tour, not necessarily voting on a winner (yet). There are so many different facets to it; one of the reasons it's so addictive I suppose! :-)