Wednesday, March 22

Top 11 Results (3/22/06)

YES!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Intro stuff - 35 million votes, recap of last night (country standards; Buddy Holly; classic love songs from the 2 youngest; back on track w/Kat, Paris heated things up & Mandisa was also hot, but Ace "ignited the love fest," hee!), & cheesy Ford 'commercial'. ("We Got the Beat" on the beach, with rather funky camera shots of their faces, kind-of hard to explain, but last week's was more fun).

Barry was there, and we found out that after the contestants came back to Hollywood after working w/Barry over the weekend in Vegas, on Monday Barry came to CA to help them some more! "On his own dime," as Ryan pointed out (twice), to make sure the band got all the arrangements right & such! Awwww. He sang "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" from his album, and we see Bobby Bennett out in the audience standing & swaying... by the end of Barry's song, they'd brought Bobby up to the stage so he could come out and meet Barry! That was nice. Bobby gave him a big hug & was obviously on cloud 9. ;-)

On to the couches. Back row: Ace, Mandisa, Elliott, Kellie, Chris, and Paris; Front row: Katharine, Kevin, Lisa, Bucky, and Taylor. Going one by one through the back row... everyone is safe! (And Kellie made possibly her most stupid comment yet - and noone laughed - if you really want to know details let me know but it's not really worth the time. ;-) )

Katharine is safe. Taylor is safe. Which leaves the 3 middle folks as the bottom 3: Kevin (woo-hoo!!), Lisa, and Bucky. (2 of my 3 remaining faves.) First safe is... Lisa, yay! So it's one of the guys... honestly based on last night's performances only it's a toss-up, and neither would be surprised to go. But it's... Kevin, and Bucky's safe! Woo-hoo!!!!1!!1!!1!!!!

Sigh, I'm happy. The people I enjoy the most at this point have no shot of winning, but I'll get to see them live on the tour and they'll get to be on the album, so yay! Add that to getting treated to both lunch and dinner, getting a positive performance review at work and seeing my parents for the first time since Christmas, and I'd say I've had a pretty terrific day! :-)


J.D. said...

Hey Kat, can you tell me what a ballsy is? Can I get some with my sal-mon and calamari?

Thatchermom said...

You know, I have a really high tolerance for people maling stupid comments, since I do it myself quite often. But Kellie Pickler is really starting to annoy me. That ballsy comment was terrible. And she can't have never noticed the similarity between her name and the word "pickle" before, can she? She was so fascinated by the pickle sign. I'm starting to think she might actually be not quite all there.

Kat said...

JD, hee! I went to see Guys & Dolls last weekend & one of the songs is "Take Back Your Mink." My friend & I just looked at each other & didn't even say anything but burst out laughing. ;)