Tuesday, May 9

Another perspective on manipulation

Here's an interesting article on the show. I think more and more people are figuring some things out this year about how the show works. Despite the fact that Simon has publically stated that he tries to manipulate voters by his comments, when I mention the idea that there is any "manipulation" going on I am usually discounted as just a "conspiracy theorist." Of course the producers and people vested in the winner's success (Simon & the record label) want someone commercial that they can market. Of course they want interesting and controversial things to happen on the show so that people talk about the show. But sometimes things go a bit far... like this week's TV Guide, which has an article featuring home town support parties... of Katharine, Taylor, Chris... and KELLIE. No, not Elliott. Kellie, who was voted off not one but two weeks ago. And someone currently in the top 4 is not mentioned. Now, I'm guessing they prepared this article about 6 weeks ago, and obviously expected Kellie to make top 4. But they should have prepared info on all remaining contestants so they could run the appropriate article. They even talk about Kellie being voted off! But not one mention of Elliott (or Paris), and I know he has large viewing parties as well (a friend has attended, and last week's neared 500 people).

So... result of manipulation? Contributor toward manipulation? Some of each? Or just a coincidental mistake? Decide for yourself - please, and don't let the show (or other media) decide for you. ;-)

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