Tuesday, May 16

Top 3 Sing 3

Is it ok if I just don't care any more? Maybe it's just too many season finales and other sweeps intensity. Maybe it's knowing that after next week one of my favorite shows is gone until next January, and I'm not very excited about the outcome. Tonight disappointed me, and I'm not really looking forward to the finale except to see Bucky, Ace & Lisa return and hopefully get some cheesy group medleys.

Ok, tonight each contestant sang 3 songs. First one chosen by music mogul Clive Davis, then one from the judges, then one of their own.

Elliott - Open Arms: he looked nervous, which surprised me after how great he did last week. It wasn't bad, but it was nothing special. Randy & Simon agreed. Oh and Clive thinks this is a "rock song."

Katharine - I Believe I Can Fly (!): this was actually really, really good! One of her best IMO, but then I had low expectations based on the song choice. The audience & Simon loved it too, but R & P were just meh.

Taylor - Dancing in the Dark: It was really good, entertaining though a bit OTT w/the cheese ("this gun's for hire" choreography and dancing w/Paula). Crowd & judges enjoyed.

Elliott - What You Won't Do For Love: Absolutely *perfect* song choice for him!! Paula said it suits his range and shows his funky white boy soul, and she was right. He was much more relaxed for this and looked like he was enjoying it. Randy said he was sharp a lot but P & S said he did well.

Kat - Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Fantasia-Summertime style (sitting on the floor): ok, whatever. I mean, it was good, but strange (phrasing & way too much melisma) and left me wanting... something. She did look absolutely stunning, and I appreciate that she's putting forth effort into making an impression and being memorable; she's playing to win (as is Taylor, for the most part), and I just don't see Elliott doing that tonight. The judges fell all over themselves on this one; R & P said that is wasn't overdone (did they hear the same song?!), Randy said it was her best vocal, and Simon called it the best performance from anyone this season!! Definitely disagree there. But then he picked it for her (and probably had a lovely view of her... assets, since she was sitting on the stage!). ;-)

Taylor - You Are So Beautiful: Very nice, started subdued, showed off the falsetto again & a little more power toward the end, & finished soft. All the judges liked, Simon even calling it his best yet.

Time for contestants' choices... and did anyone else think someone goofed and told them it was "big band" theme?

Elliott did a Ray Charles song called "I Believe to my Soul," though he mentioned that he did Donny Hathaway's version. It was reminiscent of Moody's Mood for Love; enjoyable with impressive singing of a difficult song, but not a song I'll remember since I don't know it and it does have such a challenging melody & rhythm. The judges basically said the same thing, that the audience wouldn't be able to "connect." Simon actually told him he wouldn't advance, but did say he would make his Momma proud! (patronizing much?)

Kat sang "Ain't Got Nothin' but the Blues," smiling and grinning and bouncing all the way through it. Um, yeah, sure. "Blues." Or not. And, just like Elliott, impressive but forgettable. The judges all said her other songs were better.

Taylor closed with "Try a Little Tenderness." Personally I like Nadia's version last year better. Even without the overboard ending and half million Soul Patrol shout-outs (dude, way to alienate all the rest of your fans!!), it was just "good" but not great. The audience seemed to disagree and really loved it. Randy renamed him "Have a good time, funky Taylor"; Paula said she would have actually chosen that song for him; and Simon said the ending was "hideous" (yep!) but complimented his performance and song choice and said we'll see him next week.

I don't think they'll do a bottom two; I'm guessing they'll just all stand on stage and then tell Elliott he's going home. I tried to vote maybe 5-10 times on each of his lines, and couldn't get through at all. I'm sure all the lines were crowded tonight. Would be interesting to know how close the votes end up, but, of course, we probably never will.

Group song tomorrow please??!?


J.D. said...

It's okay not to care anymore. This has been one of the most anti-climactic seasons this year, and even though I'm pulling for Taylor to beat Kat, he's like my fifth or sixth choice out of the whole bunch to win. To be honest, I haven't really really wanted a contestant to win since Ayla left. If I had my way, the top six would've been Elliott, Brooke Barrettsmith, Stevie Scott, Chris, Ayla, and Mandisa.

I could've spit fire at Kat tonight, because she barely gave it five seconds from Elliott's elimination announcement before she was all smiles and bouncing onstage, and then there were her obnoxious stage-parents pumping their fists into the camera that was looking for reax shots relating to Elliott's dismissal.

All in all, I thought Elliott was the only real class act left, and now I have to half-heartedly support Taylor only as a way to keep Kat from winning and becoming the world's worst diva.

Kat said...

Well said. Elliott left with a lot of class and at least he knows that the votes were extremely close.

My ideal top 6? Will, Lisa, Bucky, Elliott, Patrick, and Paris.