Tuesday, May 2

The Top 5! (5/2/06)

First I realize I never posted on last week's results show. Not sure why; I was pleasantly surprised at the result - yes, Kellie was finally eliminated! - and I guess I felt like the next month doesn't matter as much since everyone left is great and I like them all! ;-) (And am not emotionally attached to anyone in particular.) It was kind-of interesting that they did 3 groups of 2 - so when Kellie & Paris were assigned the same group, I knew that was the bottom! Also they didn't give her (Kellie) time for a sing-out, which was interesting. (Some say she might've had time except she chattered on thanking everyone and their cousin, but I think Ryan let her do that because they didn't have enough time for her to sing.)

Ok, this week! Top 5 - Definitely the best. Top. 5. Ever! :-) Theme: one song from your birth year and one song from any of last week's Billboard Top 10 charts. I had looked through some hit lists by year and actually called a few of the choices!

Elliott (78) "On Broadway" - First time through I didn't like this much because of how he changed it up, though on paper it seems like the perfect (if a bit safe) choice for him. 2nd time through I enjoyed it a lot, though! The scatting wasn't great but at least he went for it. Randy & Paula thought he started a little shaky but ended well; Simon said it was "disjointed" and said it was a good thing there are 2 songs tonight.

Paris (88 - wow, I feel old!) "Kiss" - This was good! Love her hair tonight (short & curly) and the black & white top was nice. She sang with confidence and the right balance of sass & fun, going out to the platform and dancing a bit. Randy liked it but Simon called it "screeching and annoying".

Chris (79) "Renegade" (Styx) - So *that's* what this song is called!! Hee. Ok, when he started all a cappella and dramatic? :thud: This was probably my favorite performance of his. Granted I love Styx, which helps. But he did a great job and the editing was good (end product was nicely balanced). The judges loved it as well.

Katharine (84) "Against All Odds" - Many were complaining that this song has been overdone on Idol, but she changed it up so much I'm not sure it mattered. (It was one of 4 or 5 I thought appropriate for her.) I didn't care for a lot of what she did with/to it, though I was less negative upon rewatch (still didn't love). Oh, Ryan brought up last week's wardrobe malfunction and clarified it was due to a lost button. This week's dress was more barrel-style, sure to prevent a repeat. Oh and I did hear her miss a few notes for once (I usually don't, despite what many others hear), and Randy mentioned she was off-key as well. All the judges were meh on her, and she knew that it wasn't as good as she could've done (though when pushed by Ryan for a reason all she had was nerves).

Taylor (76) "Play That Funky Music"! What a great choice!! This was Taylor being his most entertaining and simply having a blast performing. Fun paisley shirt, tons of dancing, ran into the audience, and finished falling flat on his back on stage! (Later Ryan did the same & gave the voting numbers from there!) Randy & Paula enjoyed it but, predictably, Simon did not.

2nd round...

Elliott: "Home" (Michael Buble) - I don't know this one so I don't know if E changed the arrangement at all, but the style was perfect for him. Sitting, mellow, relaxed & slightly jazzy... very, very nice. Except for singing about "going home," which is an Idol no-no; Simon even mentioned it! Also said he was concerned that the song wasn't "enough" to keep him, though Randy & Paula thought it was great.

Paris: "Be Without You" (Mary J. Blige) - again, very good!! But again a song with which I'm not familiar. I think Paula alluded that Paris didn't change it much from the original, but what she did worked. Randy said it was a risk & pitchy in parts; Simon actually praised it! Oh and I didn't like this outfit at all; shiny balloon-y knickers and a cropped camo jacket. She had some great glory notes toward the end. But really, this girl can sing anything!

Chris: "I Dare You" (Shinedown) - again, I don't know it, but I like it! Awfully repetitive at the end but otherwise a good song and good performance, though you could tell that multiple rehearsals of screaming-rock songs are taking their toll on his pipes (as Randy & Simon mentioned). Oh, and he actually smiled briefly during the performance! ;-) The judges were meh, mainly because of the voice strain I think. I also have to say that the early, lower parts, both musically & vocally, reminded me *very* much of Alex Band & The Calling!! (of whom I'm a huge fan.) I liked!!!

Katharine "Black Horse & the Cherry Tree", which I *so* picked for her! She did not disappoint, although the kneeling on stage had its strange moments. Still, musically, awesome!! Oh the editing of the 1st verse (omitted the 2nd half) rendered the chorus somewhat meaningless, but whatever. She had 2 guys up at the front of the stage with her playing "box drums," as Ryan pointed out. I love this song - got to see KT perform it on Live w/Regis & Kelly this morning, ironically - and she pulled it off. I'm not sure any other finalist of all 5 seasons could have done it as well (Kelly maybe)... ok I'll try to stop gushing now. :-) I will die if she does this live. Oh and all the judges liked it (though Simon agreed the staging was strange.)

Taylor "Something" - yes, the Beatles song. Apparently it's on the "Top Pop Catalog" chart, whatever that means. Regardless, awesome choice for him and he sang it extremely well, very Taylor-ed yet musically spot on as well. All the judges liked this as well, and Simon went so far as to say that with all of Taylor's (theatrics - I can't remember the exact term), it's "very easy to forget... that you're a very good singer!" Taylor liked that! ;-)

Everyone was good, and all the phone lines were fairly busy, though Paris' the least. I predict her to go for several reasons; we'll see if I'm right this week. If they do a bottom 3 I think it'll be Paris, Katharine, and Elliott. I wonder if we get a group song since there's no guest this week?!??


J.D. said...

I guess you and I were watching with different ears, but that's ok. I thought Kat was horrific tonight.

I suggest listening to Shinedown's version of "I Dare You." You'll think Chris is a big old hack after you do.

I do agree with you on one thing, though. I can't get emotionally invested with ANY of these top 5. Last year, I was so attached to Carrie and Bo that I couldn't hardly stand it. I picked Carrie to win from the moment she first opened her mouth in auditions, and I was totally invested in her. Not so with this lot, though. I honestly don't know if I'd buy an album by any one of them.

Truthfully, I haven't been sad or upset about an elimination since Ayla got cut!

Kat said...

Wow, I'm jealous! I've never had a favorite win, and only 2 have made it to 2nd place. So at least you have that, lol. ;-)

Overall I dislike fewer finalists this year than in the past, for what that's worth. For me that makes the next 3 weeks thoroughly enjoyable, though not very emotional. I think the album will be good and the tour should be fabulous. As for albums, I don't know... I'm still "interested" in getting Tamyra's & K'Lo's but haven't yet. I can definitely see burning some mp3's to disk from this group though!