Thursday, May 11

Top 4 Results - Surprise!

A lot happened in tonight's half hour show! We find out Rebecca Romjin-formerly-Stamos is engaged to Jerry O'Connell, we see 2 Presleys and a Muppet, have our first Idol encore performance, and end in shock that "The Chosen One" is not untouchable.

Ok, the recap of last night... nothing much of note. Although they did re-play Randy's comment after Taylor's 2nd performance that "When and if you make a record, that's the kind of record you need to do." There were a couple of cute lines: (after showing Simon's calling Chris's ALLC "flat" & then showing Katharine bouncing around on stage to Hound Dog) "Kat's 1st performance was anything but flat." And for E's IAD, "Elliott's request was clear" as they play the lyrics "let my dream come true."

The carmercial is "Wonderful World," which musically starts out schmaltzy but tries to rock out at the end. Kat pulls a Hybrid up to the house, opens the garage door, and then orders the guys to clean it out because there's no room for the car. They transform it into a garden, Kat pulls in, looks at Kermit in the driver's seat, and he says that it really is easy to be green. The garden had a koi pond and a parrot, and the funniest part was when they showed the parrot bobbing, as parrots do, and panned the camera back to show Taylor bobbing along with it! :-)

Then we got footage of the Graceland visit: a tour from Priscilla (Jungle Room, Hall of Fame, Meditation Garden & gravesite), then a golf cart ride from Lisa Marie through a group of fans.

Next is a group Elvis medley! Yay! Elliott opens with Don't Be Cruel while the other 3 play background singers. The group does Blue Suede Shoes; Taylor gets Heartbreak Hotel; Kat sings Lonesome Tonight (and Chris is the only bgv who pulls his mic up in time to lipsync to the prerecorded track; Taylor even makes a face as he realized he gave it away); Chris does an awesome job on Love Me Tender (why, why, when I'm finally really loving him, does he have to go?!); the 3 guys do one I don't know (The Girl is Gonna Stay?); and Taylor & Kat close with solos on Hunk o'Burning Love, all 4 of them on the platform jamming out the end. (Chris jumping up and down singing this song with Kat? Priceless!!) No pointy pose but was a good performance overall, it'll be fun if they do some Elvis on tour.

Next Ryan talks to Jerry & Rebecca in the audience, and when he asks her for her favorite she can't name just one. She can, however, ask Taylor to do an encore performance of Jailhouse Rock. Which, after Ryan asks Nigel if they have enough time, Taylor does! Alrighty then.

After he finishes Ryan keeps him on stage and has the others come over, where he tells Elliott to join Taylor in one group of two and Chris & Kat form the other group. Which one is the top and can sit down? Taylor and Elliott! (Yay, Elliott!!!) Then after asking Simon who he "thinks" will go and having him reply that Kat "should," Ryan says that some people predicted these two to be the final two, and many people predicted that Chris would be the next American Idol. Short pause, then bam: "Chris, you're going home tonight." Of course everyone, and I do mean everyone (including Chris himself, Simon, and Nigel) is shocked &/or disappointed. We watch Chris's "package"; no, wait, they changed that to "journey," which is probably a good thing. ;-) Anyway he is rather stoic through it all but finally loosens up a tad once he gets a bit into his singout of Suspicious Minds. He went into the audience for a bit & then came back up on stage, headed over to the couches & gave Taylor a hug, then was cut off. He also never got a chance to thank his fans or anything like that; I don't like that some bootees get to do that and others don't. Oh well.

So, the top 3 are Taylor, Elliott, and Kat. This thing is Taylor's to lose. And Katharine really needs to go home next week.


J.D. said...

Would you be happy if Taylor went home next week instead? I wouldn't be sad. Because that would put Kat and Ell in the finals, and I believe Elliott could pull it off.

I want Taylor to lose badly. A friend of mine works out with some of the A.I. stage crew, and they all hate him, because apparently he bosses them around and curses at them a lot.

J.D. said...

By the way, 2 Presleys and a Muppet. Could you tell which was which? I sure couldn't.

Kat said...


Yeah, I'd be fine with Taylor leaving! Especially given statistics for Top 3 previous bootees and that Kat will surely be 2nd, I'll cross my fingers that Tay is 1st instead of E!!