Thursday, May 18

Top 3 Results

Results went pretty much as expected, though I'm surprised the voting was so close - of 50 million votes, the breakdown between the 3 contestants was supposedly 33.06%, 33.26%, and 33.68%!!

We didn't get a group song, but after vids of everyone's trips home (to make tv & radio appearances, meet mayors & governors, visit high schools, ride in parades, & perform) they each got to perform their song from the compilation album. Taylor sounded great on Takin' It to the Streets and kindly had the other two dance w/him. Kat did Think (barefoot) and Elliott did Moody's Mood for Love. Also Clive was on again and told us a bunch of stats about the idols' successful albums.

Finally it's time for the elimination, and, as predicted, Elliott's number is 33.06. He is incredibly gracious and appreciative of the opportunity he's had to jump-start his career. And he got (most of) a singout.

So... Taylor and Kat in the finals. It's supposed to be the Year of the Boy (-a white male has yet to win), and the winner is always from the south, so things seem to be pretty much in the bag. I just hope Taylor will be ok w/the kind of fluff they'll make him sing.


J.D. said...

Can you see yourself buying his album?

If you can, I urge you to first listen to Bo Bice's album, and you will see how much the 19 Entertainment producers can mangle an otherwise good artist.

Kat said...

Taylor's album? Oh probably not. I like most of Bo's album though. I know it's not the style he wants to do and several songs sound very Idol-y, but there's some decent stuff. My spouse was quite disappointed as he's more into rock-rock, where I like pop-rock.