Monday, January 30

AI5: Intro & Chicago Auditions
(Airdate 1-17-06)

Sorry these are out of chronological order, wasn't going to put everything here, but changed my mind!

Ah, I'm glad it's back. Not taping, but am taking notes. The intro thing was interesting, where they showed all the good people but didn't give us any names! Oh well, we'll get there. And Paula's being a little more... honest this year.

Overall a good start. Will have to tape tomorrow's & watch it... not sure when, either late tomorrow night or Friday.


1st set of twins: Terrell & Derrell Brittenum, 27. I like their voices and their attitudes/personalities - confident but not cocky, fun & friendly.

Dental assistant girl: Gina Glocksen (21) - meh.

1st name only please: Mandisa (27?) - I like!

Sisters: Brooke (23) & Leah (19) Barrettsmith - not sure, may have potential.

1st jailbait: Zachary Smits, 17, sang "I'm in the Mood for Love." My favorite from Chicago (of the ones they've shown).

2nd/crooner jailbait: David Radford, also 17, sang Sinatra's "Summerwind." Has potential *if* he's ok w/doing pop. (Did I just agree w/Paula?)

2nd set of twins: Joshua & Jarrett Simmons, "Superstar." Very good.

"Crazy" David "Doolittle" (He talks to the animals! or they talk to him, anyway) Hoover - um, just... oh my. Kind-of fun that Paula put him through just to bug Simon though.

In the "others from Chicago who got through but we're not giving them any screen time yet" category, there was a blond guy w/glasses toward the end that I'd like to hear.

If anyone's interested in spoilers, there is a blog here that has collected all of the major rumors floating around, mainly about who goes to Hollywood & there is some info about who makes the top 44/24. Obviously all of that has been taped already (at least the Hollywood to top 44 has), and leaks do, well, leak! So take everything with a shaker of salt, but there are photos of interesting contenders... my favorite at this point being Ace, white R&B singer with quite a bit of experience.

In that vein, at the beginning of the show during the set of clips of good people from all locations, I did spot Ace, Chris (bald 'rocker guy' we'll see tonight in Denver), and a girl with long curly hair that I liked - #36047, who was also in the 'tomorrow in Denver' group at the end (we now know this is Lisa!).

Overall not a bad opener, not as annoying as last year though some of the backstories were unnecessary. So far a little variety amongst the contenders, anyway.

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