Tuesday, January 31

AI5: Las Vegas Auditions (1-31-06)

Wow. What a huge disappointment from one of the entertainment centers of the country! Only 11 contestants make it to Hollywood, and we only get to hear 3 of them:

Mecca Madison, 18 (another young, cute, tiny girl, & this one belly dances!), "Big Spender" - very nice!! I like her voice & she seems to have a good personality; she's also a bit different than everyone else which is in her favor. Could easily be Top 12.

Heather... oh my, her last name isn't really "Ward," is it? She works in a prison! Bwah! Ok, sorry... Heather Ward, prison counselor, 28, "Redneck Woman"- this is a tall black girl in a cowboy hat singing a country song (well)! Paula actually didn't care for her (said the song was too "simple"), but the guys put her through, deservedly. She's good & definitely not run-of-the-mill!

Taylor "My hair started turning gray when I was 15" Hicks, 29, from Birmingham, AL, sang Sam Cooke's "Change is Gonna Come" & a Swanee River song (doing a Joe Cocker impression??) [edited for correction: it was Ray Charles' "Swanee River Walk"] - meh. Simon didn't like, Randy & Paula loved. He's different too, but I'm not sure he's a good enough singer. The 1st song was pretty good... I agree w/Simon though, the look & personality aren't right for Idol.

And that's it! Hopefully Austin will be much, much better!!

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