Wednesday, February 1

AI5: Austin Auditions (2/1/06)

Wheee!! Ok, we finally have some talent! Guys even!! Ryan said in the grand scheme Austin wasn't very successful - only 12 contestants advanced. But of the 5 they showed, I thought 3 were great.

First up was Jason Horn, 28, a funeral director with a great personality & sense of humor, evidenced by his song choice: "You Raise Me Up"! But he sings very well, doesn't sound like a copycat of anyone, and has a good personality. All 3 judges said yes.

They spent a bit too much time on 2nd Chance Girl Allison - "almost died" on the plane trip & was really nervous so they let her come back & sing a 2nd time, but she still wasn't very good. Moving on...

Ricky Hayes, 21, a music major at Texas A&M, sang "I Can't Make You Love Me" - awesome! I even got chills. I *really* like his voice, & he didn't do too much embellishment. When he came out he did a little Happy Dance but it did show that he has some moves as well as a voice. Yay!!

Ashley Jackson, 20, a "fit model" (she tries on clothes to make sure they fit well), "Something to Talk About" - she's just ok, but is very attractive so the guys put her through. Oh, and she can sing with her mouth closed.

If you're an Idol fan think back to the most annoyingly cocky contestants you can remember - Alan Richman [edit: it's Ritchson] comes to mind for me. Well, our next guy puts Alan to shame. Ronnie "My friends call me RJ, but pretty much everyone calls me RJ, because everyone's my friend" Norman, 21. Not bad looking but no girl magnet either, though don't tell him that. And he has no nerves whatsoever about the audition, he just thinks he's great & now that he finally decided to audition, he'll be successful and everyone will love him. As for the singing, "It'll be easy." Sooooo, we're all expecting him to tank, be upset, & storm off cursing the judges. However. Boy can sing!! Chose "Ain't No Sunshine" and did some interesting/unexpected phrasing/arranging. Has a very nice voice, again with the not too much embellishing. Simon wasn't overly impressed but Randy & Paula put him through, as I certainly would have. Oh, Paula said something about how he started right in at the focal part of the song, & he said he did that so he wouldn't be cut off. And afterward of course they did the interview (they showed him asking, "are we on? ok...") and was so full of himself, again, it was sickening. So he'll definitely be interesting, because you hate him but boy. can. sing!!

So already I'm excited because we have 1 decent guy & 2 really good ones. Then comes 16-year old William Makar. I can see the preteen fangirlies screaming and fainting already. This kid was amazing! Well, I thought so - for some strange reason Paula didn't, she said he's got a good voice but didn't seem "ready" for the competition. Wha?!? He sang "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," so he already gets points for being a teenager choosing a song like that. Kid is amazingly cute. I mean adorable. I've got to post a photo of him later (haven't found any yet): dark, curly hair, thin, nice face/eyes/smile... awesome voice (small chills on this one too), confident stage presence, and looks like he can dance (snapped throughout the song & had some movement). What's not to love? I'll be very, very surprised if he's not in the Top 12. Simon said "the moms" will love him - yes, he will appeal to at least 3 generations of female viewers. I don't know what Paula was thinking. And I kind-of wish I'd starting taping, though I decided to wait until Hollywood this year. Well I'm sure we'll see more of him.

I'm very pleased with Austin. And then Ryan says Boston (next Tuesday) has "some of the best talent in the country." Of course they showed Ayla - not really a spoiler at this point to divulge that she makes it to Hollywood because even in the *promo* for her city's audition they pimp her, calling her the "all-American girl" (she's the daughter of a local newscaster & politician, so has been getting tons of local press already) *and* showing a backstory clip of her singing the National Anthem somewhere! Sigh. I hope I don't like her, I need someone to hate this year. Well, besides RJ, of course.

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