Thursday, February 16

Top 44 -> 24 (Details: 20 Eliminated)

Jessica Santos

Bubby Bullard

Brooke Barrettsmith (at 23, the older sister; Leah was eliminated earlier)

Nick Whitten (28, SC; the poor guy stuck in the group w/Brenna & Marcy)

Stephanie White

Crystal Stark - not a unanimous decision; Katharine McPhee was very upset that Crystal was eliminated.

Bobby Dillard

Antonio Bridges

Eugenia Littlejohn - also not unanimous; at 26 and with a 6-year old son, cried that now her career (chance) was "over"! The judges tried to convice her that she's young as has plenty of time to pursue music.

Mark Adam Locklear

Marcy Smith (Brenna's "arch enemy," says the announcer - her elimination was shown right after Brenna's acceptance)

Nicole Ortiz (17, NJ)

David Aphram(?) (25, IL) - blond guy w/glasses, never shown singing. Said the judges were "very nice about it." Looks like a David from the Midwest. ;-)

William McCoy (23, NC)

Brianna Taylor (18)

April Walsh (27, CA, sang a Bjork song for Denver audition) - "on to the next audition!"

Megan Bobo

Syd - showed a short clip of him singing... I wish they'd shown more! Girls would be swooning. ;)

and the Brittenum twins.

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