Monday, February 13

Hollywood, Round 1 - Additional Comments

Surprisingly I don't have a lot to add; being able to pause and rewatch wasn't as helpful as I'd hoped. But I got a few things. And some info from my friend mj's AI blog (thanks!!)...

First, the list of 12 songs from which they can choose:

Bat Out Of Hell - Crazy Dave did that
Bless The Broken Road - Joshua Simmons
Can’t Fight The Moonlight - Paris, Garet (were only teeny people allowed to sing this?)
Dim All The Lights (I have no clue what this is)
First Cut Is The Deepest - Taylor, Terrell Brittenum, Chris
Hopelessly Devoted To You (I love this song!) - Kellie, Lisa, & in the montage: Laura Wright, Shelby Johnsons, Eden Kentner, Matthew Buckstein
I Believe In You And Me (Don't know this one either; Megan Z. sang it)
I’ll Never Love This Way Again - Derrell Brittenum, Katharine
If (Bread) - Patrick
If I Ever Fall In Love Again - RJ, montage: Gina, David Radcliff, Ace, Kevin C.
Never Gonna Give You Up
Unbreak My Heart - Linelle

Am I the only one who thinks Kellie Pickler sounds like Dolly Parton? Not necessarily a bad thing, but strange.

I still think Tyra was in the part of Kellie's group that advanced, but don't know for sure.

In the group with RJ and Steven David: Ryan Baysda (sang country in Greensboro) was the other to get cut. Sorrow. Making it to the next round: Will Makar (yay!) and William "Bucky" Covington.

I believe Kendra (foster home girl) was in the row of Paris' group that got cut, and Halicia advanced to the next round.

In Taylor's group but getting cut: Jordan Southerland.

And I thought I saw Becky in the end-of-day-one moving on montage.

Day two: Ace & Chris seem to be buds already! Yay, I like them both, & they both seem very nice.

Spotted in the touring group, all of whom I think advanced: Mecca, Sway, Cory (not shown on tv yet but identified from a web page), and Will.

Chris was shown advancing as part of Ace's group, although he wasn't shown singing until later (the editing is very misleading this year). He did get a great crowd response though. David and the Simmons twins were in the same group; I think that was Ricky that advanced with David. (I hope so!)

Oh, and I noticed Randy specifically called Garet by his first and middle names, Garet Layne, like Billy Bob or John Mark. And the audience really liked Garet Layne as well. How can you not when he looks at the judges after performing and says, "Butcher me now"?!

When Mandisa was singing they showed Gina pointing at her and saying, "She's great!"

Eliminated but not shown: Zachary Smits (boo!), Jayne Santayana

Still don't know: Barrettsmith sisters, Rochelle Dye, Heather Cox, Chase Bush, Lauren Weckerly, John Williams, Shawna White, Heather Ward, Jason Horn, Ashley Jackson, Ayla Brown (rumors say she's through), and Tatiana Ward. Hopefully the missing pieces will be completed on Tuesday!!

And, apparently Simon predicts a "southern male" will win. Not really going out on a limb there, seeing as how all 8 winners & 2nd place contestants have been southern, and we're *really* due for a male to win. But it does bode well for many early favorites: Patrick, Taylor, Bucky, Chris, and Will.

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