Monday, February 20


I've been reading Contestants' Official Bios and viewing a few of their videos. I'm really, really loving the guys - Ace, Chris, William, and Patrick. Ace seems so sweet- his family (has 4 older brothers, & they all sing!) is very important to him, & he visits a children's hospital every Christmas! Said the previous contestant with whom he most identifies is Constantine, which is cool because their musical styles are so different but he still respects his talent and approach (and hair, lol). Chris & Patrick both sound very talented and experienced, with their own bands. Patrick mentioned playing piano so I really hope they let him fit that in somehow. And his musical tastes - Elton John, Kenny Loggins... some of my favorites! William seems like a fun kid - admits he wants the fame & fortune but seems to be fairly grounded. And a goofball. This cap is from the intro dances.

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