Friday, February 24

AI5 - 1st Results Show

Ok, so all week I've been thinking how much I love this show. I forgot how results shows make me hate it. I never expected to be this sad the first week - I thought if not in the Top 12 at least Patrick would've gotten more votes than Bucky, Gedeon, maybe Sway, and Bobby - but only 1 for 4! :-( Fell prey to the hordes that only started watching this week and missed his earlier clips, because he wasn't that great this week, even though he's easily one of the most talented in the bunch. Wow. I'll do the recap tomorrow, too shocked & sad to do much else tonight. (Well, that and it's already incredibly late due to also watching Dancing w/the Stars and the Olympics!!)

Also eliminated: Becky (also a surprise, though I don't mind seeing her go), Stevie (as I predicted, but feeling better tonight & sang *much* better), and Bobby (as predicted).

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