Thursday, February 16

Hollywood Finale - The Chair of Doom

I LOVE THIS SHOW!! :-) Fortunately this year it was the Chair of Glee for most of my favorites.

Briefly, for now (because I had worship team practice til 8:45, then watched Lost, then Invasion since they're starting to explain things... and took lots of notes during Idol so just now finished a bit before midnight!).

I'm so happy that we got to see so much singing, most of it great! Also happy that the Brittenums only got a few minutes of airtime and that was all in listing their alleged crimes. So, moving on...

The top 24:

Katharine, Ace (of course, and yay!), Robert Bennett (big guy w/mustache), Mandisa, Melissa McGhee, Lisa (I still adore her!), David, Sway (happy 28th birthday!), Elliott, Brenna, Gedeon McKinney (he's only 17?! He & Taylor could sing at the old folks' home & fit right in), Stephanie Scott, Ayla, Chris (stuck in elevator! sang "Emotion" & was awesome! called his wife! love him!!), Becky, Heather Cox, Bucky, Patrick ("I'm not as pretty as Ace" - hee! love him too!!), Kevin, Paris, Kellie, Taylor (so entertaining), Kinnik, and William (BOTW, Eee!! still love him as well!!).

The two performances I really, really want to see that they didn't show: Taylor's "Ain't No Sunshine" and, especially, Patrick's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me." Also would've liked to have seen more of Syd earlier... *much* more... but then it would be even harder to see him go.

This is a great group. Plenty of variety, lots of interesting characters (not too many w/attitude), great voices. I love this show!!!

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