Thursday, February 9

AI5: You're In Hollywood!

I will do more detail later after figuring out what I can about everyone we were shown only briefly. What I'm sure of at this point:

Of the 99 through to the next round (group numbers, yay!!): Kellie Pickler, Hannah (?), Patrick Hall, Lisa Tucker (yay!), Matthew B. (?), Paris Bennett (yay!), Taylor Hicks, Megan Zieger, Derrell and Terrell Brittenum (though we know they were later disqualified), Gina Glockson, David Radford, Ace Young (yay!!), Kevin Corvais, Garet Johnson, Chris Daughtry, Mandisa, Katharine McPhee.

Of the 66 cut in the first 2 days: RJ Norman, Steven David, Ashley G., Joshua & Jarrett Simmons, 'Crazy' David Hoover.

People we actually got to see sing: (They had a list of 12 songs from which to choose, and performed with live musicians & background singers!)

Kellie, "Hopelessly Devoted" - Simon said nerves were a problem for her. She mentioned (before performing) that she'd never sung to accompaniment before, never had voice lessons, & only knew keys as something you need to start a car!

Patrick Hall (finally!), 27, from AR, "If" - I like!! Good performer (whereas Kellie has a good voice but no stage presence). Randy said he needs to work on his look; Simon said he's like "Clay Aiken, but likable."

RJ - did not sound very good, despite his pre-performance boast that he'd be "the first guy to rock it out & bring the house down." But, you know, then he was rejected and didn't have anything to say, even left crying. Can't say I feel bad for the guy.

Steven David - not good.

Lisa, "Hopelessly Devoted" - awesome! Love her. She just straight up sang. the. song. Very little embelleshing. Go girl!!

There were small clips of several others doing the same song: Laura Wright, Shelby, Eden (bad), Matthew B. (not great)

Ashley G., 16 - bad (& got cut)

Kymyata - bad

Linelle, "Unbreak My Heart" - yow! bad.

Paris, "Can't Fight the Moonlight" - said something like, "there's no little person in the world louder than me;" so cute! She sounded great but embellished way too much for my taste.

Taylor, "The First Cut is the Deepest" - I still don't like to watch him, his mannerisms are unpleasant. His voice is ok, but I think he's a good singer; by that I mean I could tell that he 'knows' music, is experienced and comfortable - as opposed to someone like Kellie 'music has keys?' Pickler. Simon said he's "interesting."

Melissa Lucas - I didn't like.

Megan Zieger - Interesting gal, had a bad cold & ended up singing a cappella in a lower key; the judges were sympathetic and caved to her pleas for another chance. She mentioned several times how she's (usually) so much better than many of the other contestants... diva much?

Derrell, "I'll Never Love This Way Again" - meh, voice sounded strained.

Terrell, "First Cut" - has potentially a great range but several parts were very off & unpleasant. Paula liked him.

- Later they cut back to these guys several times for comments. Including their view that Carrie's talent is only "average" and "anyone" could have won last season (specifically mentioning Bo & Constantine); offered a referral to the Simmons twins when they got cut later; and in the preview for next week one of them said "I don't do groups."

Several people singing "If I Ever Fall In Love Again": Gina, David Radford (ok), Ace (good, but seemed tentative/nervous & may've messed up?), and Kevin.

Joshua Simmons sang "God Bless the Broken Road" - was ok; Paula loved but Simon said not memorable.

Not sure what Jarrett S. sang but he has a lower voice & I liked him much better. Simon said the song was too big for him. (Both get cut.)

Garet, "Can't Fight the Moonlight" - not great; I liked his lower range but not the higher stuff. The other contestants in the audience loved him. Mentioned how he's been preparing for this for a year. Was very hyper when he got through.

Chris, "First Cut" - rough in parts (nerves??) but very good; I liked this better than his audition.

Mandisa - great! My 3rd favorite gal.

Katharine, "Never Love This Way Again" - very good but I didn't like her style of singing, not sure how to describe it.

Crazy Dave, "Bat Out of Hell"! - actually better than I expected, when he stands still & sings, but not good enough.

I have a lot of other guesses as to who made it through but will verify before posting. If you have additions or corrections let me know! :-)

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