Thursday, February 23

Top 12 Guys (2/22/06)

One word - EEEeee!!!!! ;-) The boyz rock!!

Ahem. But, really, it's been a while (like never?) since we've had this many enjoyable guys.

Patrick: "Come to My Window" - I understand that he wanted to show versatility, but it was too early for that given what we've seen of him. But he certainly understood when Paula was telling him to get back into his "niche" (read, box). It was decent, just didn't showcase his strengths. (Gave him 40 votes.)

David: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - Shoot me now. I mean, yeah, he's ok, but really he's just annoying, and you know he has tons of power-voting, angel-winging fans who will keep him around waaay longer than he should be. Plus I think my Will would have a much stronger position without David around.

Bucky: "Simple Man" - Poor Bucky. Love the guy, but really, just doesn't have the chops. At least not for the long, held notes of this song. It was cool watching him get into everyone else's performances. I threw him a couple votes in hopes of keeping him around one more week.

WILL!!!!! Did not disappoint. Definitely my pick for, if not winning, at least blossoming throughout the competition, showing tons of versatility, and just showing his amazing talent. I don't think "I Want You Back" was the best song choice for him; it didn't showcase his vocals like ballads do, but it did show a different, more fun side of him. Love that he danced, though wish we'd gotten to see more of it (I had the same complaint about Paris last night). And he knows how to work the crowd and the cameras. A.dor.a.ble. (25 votes)

* And not from tonight, but I have to link this video clip of William singing Josh Groban's "When You Say You Love Me." Because I :heart: him.

Sway sang "Reasons" by Earth, Wind & Fire. Really, really high. I watched this part from a tape and fast-forwarded through most of it.

CHRIS: "Wanted Dead or Alive" - He rocked! Literally. ;-) Very, very good. Simon said the 1st of the night to show real potential.

Kevin: "One Last Cry" - He's good, but out of his element. I was surprised to see Ayla really into it.

Gedeon: "Shout" - What kind of song choice is that?! He wanted to "perform," by which he apparently meant lift his leg up, bounce around, and sing nonsense syllables. Next?

ELLIOTT!!!!! *Where* has this guy been?! While I won't go nearly so far as Simon, who said he may be "the best male vocalist of all 5 seasons," he's definitely one of the best this year and much better than I expected. He did "If You Really Love Me," and with your eyes closed you just might think Stevie himself is singing, though Elliott's voice is a little rougher. Great control, wonderful tone, a really good performer, & cute smile with a little twinkle in his eyes. I really hope his lack of screen time won't keep him from the Finals. (He got 50+ votes from me.)

Bobby: "Copacabana" - Poor Bobby. Utterly and completely cannon fodder. Can he mention Barry a few more times? I didn't think so. Just not good vocally - not the song to showcase vocals and even his performance wasn't that interesting.

ACEEEeeee!!!- Also did not disappoint. ;-) I've been anticipating not caring for his musical style, but he did George Michael's "Father Figure" which I absolutely *adore*!! And he did it better (with fuller voice) than I expected. I still don't understand why he's so nervous but it's better than being cocky & overconfident (*cough*Gedeon*cough*). Wow. Randy loved him, and Simon said the song choice was "brilliant" & that he has "the X factor." Paula was hilarious, talking about how all her female friends "and a few of the guys" would have phone in hand ready to vote, and Ryan had him seduce the camera one more time! (Oh and the shot of his bro in the audience? Thank you.)

Taylor was last with "Levon" - Good song choice but could've done better IMO. It was very good musically, and enjoyable, but I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't "great." Simon admitted being wrong in saying he shouldn't be here. Paula said they need to ask the Producers for more than 6 spots for the guys - I agree wholeheartedly!!!

4 Standouts for me, 4 good, & 4 not good. I predict Bobby and Gedeon will go (tough call between Gedeon & Bucky).

I find it very interesting that there are... at least 6 of the Top 24 that sing "old style" music this year! And we're getting a nice variety of song choice instead of the same old rehash... even if some of them are quite strange!

Best comment I've seen online tonight: "Will: I want one." Hee!

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