Wednesday, January 25

AI5 - San Francisco (1/25/06):

Jose "Sway" Penala, 27, singing "Superstar" - good enough R&B voice but I don't care for him personally (his voice or personality). If I'm gonna listen to R&B let it be Ace, no others need apply. ;-)

Lauren Weckerly, 17 - just showed in a quick clip, white girl w/long dark hair, wearing a brown jacket.

John Williams, 28, "Human Nature" - not sure why, but Randy & Paula put him through. Recently out of the Air Force, rather strange personality and very strange performance (after singing, took off outer shirt & did some dancing/choreography/lots of jerky movements around the stage). "Tell me why..." indeed!

Katharine "Vocal Coach Stage Mom" McPhee, 21, "God Bless the Child" - good range & powerful voice, though belted & embellished way too much. Cute, could have potential. Randy said she had the best voice they've heard "so far this auditioning season" - I wonder if they're airing the auditions in the same order that they actually took place or not? I could look it up I'm sure, but I'm not quite that curious. No way is she better than Paris in my book. But I do like her.

Shawna White, 16 (pigtails, from small town & Dad's in a rock band), I have no clue what the 1st song was & then she did a small segment of "Falling" - hmm. Good voice, yes, but doesn't mesh sound or style-wise with her age & not at all with her look. I'd like to hear her do something... (*cringe*) peppier? Or change the look...

Jayne Santayana, 19, "Sweet Love" - very, very good!! Simon didn't like her; slightly 'affected' singing style but I like her personality. Looking forward to seeing more.

That's it! They showed some very short clips of several other girls that were decent, & miniscule clips of another 15+ people who "are going to Hollywood" at the very end. (Dear Producers: the thin guy in all black, #31639? Please show more of him in Hollywood! kthanxbye.) Next up is Vegas, where the Strange Rules... as if we haven't already been seeing it!

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