Wednesday, January 25

The Obsession Returns...
American Idol, Season 5!

Ok, anyone who knows me probably knows that (1)I love American Idol, and (2)I'm extremely detailed. So, since I'm posting comments on my message board(s) I might as well put them here as well. I'll fill in last week's later but start with last night:

AI 5, Greensboro Auditions (Airdate 1/24/06), way-too-detailed Pezcap:

Kellie Pickler, 19 (blond; lives w/grandpa because mom left & dad's in prison), "Since U Been Gone" and "Broken Wing" - good, not much opinion yet, definitely presenting as sob story.

I usually don't include people who didn't get through, but there are several I must mention this time, starting with Shawn De Salazar's little brother, because I thought he was hilarious! Just to see this little 10-year old kid spouting off about how his brother doesn't need American Idol, he's so good he'll make it anyway, they didn't let him finish his song so didn't hear the big note at the end so that's why he didn't make it... priceless. How I'd have *loved* them to show 15 minutes of this kid instead of wasting my time with boringly annoying Rhonnetta (Yawnetta?)! Funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Sergeant Steven David, Jr, 28 (danced w/Paula), "Let's Get It On" - yes, he's good, despite the gimmick(s). It was funny when he was carrying Paula out the door & Ryan pointed out that his wife was standing right there; he replied, "It doesn't matter, this is Paula Abdul!! She can join in too...." Hee!

Halicia Thompson, 27 (has 11-year old), "Different World" - Simon called her "a natural." I liked her, though she might be a bit overconfident... we'll see.

Kendra Winston, 24 (lived in over 40 foster homes, had 3 kids by age 19, then divorced, got GED & went to college), "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" - Simon "loves" this song?! Ok, whatever... good thing I guess, as much as it's overused on the show. Anyway, she's very good, but I'm not sure I'll like her personality. Simon said no, Randy & Paula yes. And she thinks Ryan is hot.

?? - didn't catch the name: fairly heavy white guy w/a very high voice, sang a Whitney song - has a very good voice! Definitely not an Idol "look" so it'll be interesting to see if he changes anything before Hollywood. Again Simon said no but R & P put him through.

Chonna "my stripper mom bought me this outfit" Clepper didn't make it through, but I thought she had a very good voice (& could work on the look).

Ryan Baysda, 27 (scruffy, muscular guy w/a strong accent, sounded to me more Australian or British than Southern US...?), "God Bless the Broken Road" - very, very good! Great voice for country, and quite attractive. I could like this guy a lot. And then came...

PARIS BENNETT!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I like her?) Wow. Just wow. Ok, kid is 17 years old, cute little thing w/a very strong accent, otherwise reminds me (visually) of Janay from last season. Her grandmother, who was there with her, was in Grammy award-winning group Sounds of Blackness and Randy was fawning all over her. ;-) Well, the talent is definitely genetic, as Girl. Can. Sing!! First sang Dixie Chicks' "Cowboy Take Me Away," very well and (fortunately) w/less of an accent than her speaking voice. Then after Paula asked her, appropriately, to "bless" them with another song, she sang Billie Holiday's "Take Five," which is a jazz number with a quite difficult/unusual rhythm... she was amazing. Totally comfortable performing but definitely not overconfident - and was very emotional after making it through. I predict top 5, and she's definitely good enough for someone to sign even at this point.

Day 2 in Greensboro was Simon's birthday and had some of the strangest things yet... One guy, who sang MJ's "She's Out of My Life" by holding every note at least 1 whole week, admitted to having Randy & Paula's (vocal coaching) DVD, which totally made Simon's day and he laughed and laughed. Then there was the self-described "outgoing" guy who actually (I have to agree w/Simon) had "the personality of a hippo" when he sang. And then Sammy "I'm Raw!" with his Magic Carpet (and beans, apparently). Only 9 got through, including...

Tyra Juliette Schwarz, 24 (long black hair, from NY, had recent back surgery & boyfriend dumped her), "In the Still of the Night" - I really, really like her. Great voice, and her look wasn't frilly or glitzy, more down to earth, regular person. Which the judges didn't like so much, but I do. She has potential, hopefully others will like her voice too.

Jordan Southerland, 24? (wore his dad's fireman uniform), "You Raise Me Up" - he's ok. Randy said no, S & P yes.

and that was it. Next up is San Francisco & they showed a clip of an Asian girl who sounds pretty good....

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