Saturday, July 1

Randomness (cats and tennis)

Ok, firstly I must share this photo of my friend Kim's cat, because it's priceless. That's just such a cat thing to do. Plus his name is Oliver, just like one of my cats! Of whom I should definitely post photos, but not today.

Secondly, I got to see Andre Agassi's last Wimbledon match today. I am close to his age and have been a fan since he came on the pro scene, so I definitely partook in the emotions of the crowd, who gave him a long standing ovation and didn't want to let him go. I just thought it was very nice for them to honor him so; even Nadal was very gracious and stood clapping for Andre though he'd just beaten him. But I'm sure Nadal literally grew up watching Andre and knows his history there.


So long Andre, and thanks for all the fish.


J.D. said...

Cute pic :)

Haven't heard from you in a while. Just wanted to let you know that I have a new interview posted :) Swing on by sometime :)

Tall Pants said...

The montage after the match with all the old pics and video of Agassi and the mullet (quite impressive, as mullets go) was quite good to watch. I don't remember tennis without Agassi.

Man, Nadal looked good, though, didn't he? He's incredible.