Wednesday, July 5


That word always reminds me of that ketchup commercial from (yipes) many, many years ago! I hope everyone had a great 4th, ours was nice & relaxing. Today I'm filled with anticipation for both SYTYCD and the RockStar: Supernova premiere! It's bad enough that they're on opposite each other, but I won't even be home for the first hour. Thank goodness we have 2 VCR's! ;-)

There are spoilers for tonight's SYTYCD at vixen's blog. They're from someone who attended the taping on Monday so it's the full list of what everyone's dancing, if you like to know such things ahead of time. A couple of them sound *really* fun!!

As for RockStar, there are photos & bios of the finalists here and here. I'm not as excited about the end product this year but will certainly enjoy the performances each week, not to mention watching Dave Navarro & Tommy Lee spar for camera time. And if anyone (else) enjoys guess-who's-going-home-next contests, RockStar Go Home is all set up for the new season.

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