Thursday, July 6

RockStar Results

There was normal intro stuff, with some video clips from the mansion including song choice (which they pretty much admitted no one was taking terribly seriously yet). At the after-show party Lukas pretty much killed the mood when he asked Dana who she thought would be in the bottom 3; everyone was pretty surprised he asked, and to her credit she refused to answer. As did Matt when Lukas asked him; in fact Matt turned it back around and asked Lukas, who eventually said he thought Dilana "sucked" but didn't answer the question either! So Dave pushed him for an answer and he said Chris, Dana, & Jenny. They showed Chris saying he was "one of the best singers in the world" or he wouldn't be there in the first place.

In the recap clips not everyone was shown, which I thought was interesting. Storm was shown opening; highlights were Toby & Dilana; strugglers were Phil and Chris; and Lukas was said to end "with a bang." Q&A time: Dave asked Chris if he had any regrets about his song choice, and he said no, that he wanted a challenge. Dave then asked Phil if he would think differently about song selection in the future, and he said yes, he would take it more seriously. Throughout the evening several of the band members emphasized how important song choice is.

The first encore performance was given to Dilana.

Brooke then announced the early bottom 3 as Magni, Phil, and Chris. After the break we find out that Zayra, Ryan, and Matt were also in the bottom 3 at one time or another. So now she'll call out the final bottom 3 one at a time and they will perform a song of their choice.

1) Chris
Gilby asked what he planned to do to change people's minds or show he should stay? Chris said he would perform one of his favorite songs, The Doors' "L.A. Woman." I think he looks better w/tonight's curly hair, and his vocals were worlds better. He interacted with the audience a lot (rolled over on stage & sang on his back for a moment, then was face-to-face with some front row ladies). Overall a good performance and I think he deserves to stay.

2) Phil
Tommy asked about his song choice, and Phil said he hadn't done it before but wanted to start with something "heavy-hitting." Tonight he sang Switchfoot's "Stars," and Tommy Lee said he loves them (which surprised me, since they're a Christian band, but yay!). He then asked why Phil chose it and he said whenever he "wants inspiration" he goes to them. The performance was better than last night's but his vocal still wasn't great.

Before announcing the last of the bottom three, Brooke called first Ryan's name and then Zayra's, telling them they were safe. Then it was between Matt and Magni, and the third person is...

3) Matt
Jason said that he personally loved his performance and thought the song (Yellow) was a good fit for him. Mentioned Dave's request to see something 'harder' and Matt said that "this isn't going to sound good, but..." and said he's doing a Duran Duran song!?! He did do a more rock arrangement of it & it was decent (the performance was better than the vocal), but, just, no.

Recapping the three, Chris was told that he made a good song choice tonight and did a great job, but they still question his vocals. Phil was told he had good vocals but they question his performance. Lastly Matt was told they question his song choice (and rightly so, though I love me some Duran Duran).

Tommy Lee called Phil first and said he's safe. Then, after pausing for an "I hate this" (I'm not surprised this part is tough for him), he tells Matt that his song choice - "for this," as he pointed to the band members - wasn't right and he will be the first to leave.

Matt had a great attitude, very respectful and gracious. He told the 3 band members that they were, & still are, his heroes; he had posters of all of them on his walls! Tommy was like, "You're making me feel bad!" ;-) He said that though Tommy gets a bad rap in the press he's "a beautiful person," and that he didn't mind "losing to these guys" (the other contestants) as they're all very talented. I'm sure all bootees won't be this classy but at least we're starting off well!

And *yay,* the performance show is moving to Tuesdays! So my shows-to-recap won't be in conflict any more which makes me happy (but also takes away my excuse not to keep up!). 'Til next week-

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