Wednesday, July 19

RockStar - Week 3 (7/18/06)

In the song selection clip, we see Toby & a few others trying to keep the process organized and fair, but others are more competitive; Josh says he "can't be a nice guy all the time," takes his song off the board and leaves; we also see Jill giving Patrice a hard time for taking a song.

We're told that one of the SuperNova guys will join a contestant on stage for one of tonight's songs, but who and when will be a surprise...

(Note - I'm trying to condense & just include the basics instead of all the details because of time constraints, but if anyone wants to know more just ask, as I have most of the comments/quotes in my notes.)

Patrice: Helter Skelter (Beatles) - Very good! Both the vocals and stage presence. Most of the guys liked it.

Josh: Come As You Are - He played acoustic guitar and just stood at the mic, and his voice sounds too nasal to me at first, but it was really good overall. Tried to work some sexy looks this week and was fairly successful. ;-) Dave complimented but wants more "heavy/ugly," which Josh said he'd bring next week.

Storm: Just What I Needed - Just ok vocally, and seemed to take the song too seriously, playing up the sex-kitten look. It worked for the guys though (especially Tommy, who said he'd like to "see more of" her, and she said "Tommy: 6 letters - Google").

Lukas: Let's Spend the Night Together (Stones) - Excellent! This isn't my style of music and I didn't 'enjoy' it as such, but he did a great job with stage presence ('Jagger swagger') and vocals. All the guys loved it. Tommy said "You're raising the bar, and I'm pulling up a bar stool."

Jill: All Right Now - Also very good. Tommy said "I'm definitely all right now." Gilby said it was the 1st performance of hers where he could imagine them behind her.

Ryan: Fortunate Son - Worlds better than last week, good vocals. The guys thought he should've moved around more & didn't seem to be enjoying himself.

Phil: White Rabbit - with Jason on bass!! This was a different Phil than we've seen, harder rock with a sneer (and eyeliner, which rocked, but I could've done w/o the sneer). Even when yelling his vocals held. Jason was jumping around excitedly afterward, asking how he did, and Dave had to calm him down, saying "you've already got the gig" so he could get the attention back on Phil! Who received all compliments.

Dana: It's My Life (Bon Jovi) - She also had a sneer and intensity, but hers didn't come across as genuine to me. The guys didn't think it was a good fit for them.

Toby: Runaway Train (Soul Asylum) - I loved the end, especially the (intense but spot-on) vocals. Otherwise it was just ok and the guys agreed, wanting to see more grit (my word) in his stage presence. He said he would work on that and thanked them.

Magni: Plush (STP) - *Great* fit for his voice and an awesome job. Not necessarily perfect for the band but perfect for that song, anyway, and the first time I've really enjoyed him. The guys liked; Tommy said "Magni-ficent."

Zayra: Everybody Hurts - Appropriate title for her singing. Wasn't as off-key as her others but still, fast forward is my friend. Unfortunately the guys liked it. (though Dave admitted he thought she should've gone instead of Chris last week!)

Jenny: Drive - She played acoustic guitar while singing. She sounded off key to me and looked like she was playing 'rock star'. The guys didn't love it.

Dilana: Zombie (Cranberries) - Awesome performance of that song. Not to my taste/liking personally though. Jason gave her a standing ovation and Tommy just said "Dilana - I wanna."

Best performances of the night: Patrice, Lukas, Magni, Josh, Dilana, Jill. Worst: Jenny, Zayra, Storm, & Dana.

Early bottom 3: Jenny, Dana, Ryan.

My prediction: Jenny, Dana, and Zayra, with Jenny leaving.

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