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RockStar: Supernova (Episode 2: 7/11/06)

Already I am seeing a difference from last season, and I think a lot of it is because of the difference in the type of band. But at this point last year I remember being very impressed and liking very much at least 2 contestants (MiG and Ty), if not more. Granted even they were perhaps a bit 'mellow' (or pop) for INXS, and definitely wouldn't fit Supernova. So... I know I won't like the style of music SN does, so the performances I enjoy the most are probably not the same as what will be best for the band. Still I can try to objectively judge what I think is best for them.

Magni – My Generation (The Who)
Good, not great; good stage presence (and one lyric + gesture were edited out). Jason said "good control," and that his stage experience shows; Tommy made a comment about liking the "ho" but not having enough "hum," and I'm not sure anyone other than Tommy knew what he meant by that (Magni didn't, but didn't ask)!

Jenny Galt – Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
Brooke introduced this as Jenny with "her own version" of the song, and Jason later confirmed that she had arranged it herself. I thought the vocal was really good at the start (softer part), and decent overall. I don't care for her mannerisms & some of the things she does on stage (it's not really her stage 'presence' I don't like, though). Gilby didn't like the beginning at all; Dave liked her (but said she looked like she needed to eat something, which I thought was somewhat inappropriate).

Jill Giola – Violet (Hole)
She was wearing a white flouncy wedding dress (the skirt was mini, but still) and carrying a bouquet of roses. I didn't like it at *all,* but it's not my style. Mr. PezKat said "She's not as good as Courtney, and I don't like Courtney." Dave liked her willingness to "get messy & dirty," but said the "Courtney impersonation ws a bit uncomfortable." Jill replied that this was her interpretation of the song and she didn't know what Courtney did. I didn't either, but Dave said she wore a white dress & had a bouquet of roses, so I don't think that was a coincidence. One of the other guys said she sings better than the screaming she did on this. Tommy said he just wanted to know if she was wearing panties.

Zayra Alvarez – You Really Got Me (The Kinks)
Ok she just needs to go home NOW, seriously. Her vocal was better than last week (but it almost had to be), but her presence & style were very strange and didn't fit the song well. Gilby said, "I can't say you didn't give it your all, but I don't think you have a clue what we're looking for in a singer." (Ouch! but true...) He asked her if she even owned any of the albums that any of them are on... and, get this, her reply was "I've heard of them... but I was in diapers then." There are hardly words to describe how disrespectful I think that was! (and the studio audience made noises that suggest they agree.) I don't care if you were in space then, do your homework!!! I still just can't believe she would be here and do that, let alone admit it.

Chris Pierson – Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
Well, there's a lot to say about this one. Speaking of doing homework... I know they had to choose from the songs on the board, so whoever got this would have big shoes to fill since it was, to some of us, "Marty's song," and one with which he made a big impression. He did a decent job, but his look and his voice don't mesh at all for me (both are ok, though the look moreso than the voice IMO). Dave said he felt like he was watching someone who'd won a charity event where the prize was getting to sing with a great rock band; heh. Chris interrupted, asking him for clarification, and Dave finished his thought & then summarized by saying he lacked authenticity. Another of the guys agreed, saying that Chris needs to "get down to who you are."

Dilana – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Brooke introduced this as a "stripped down" version; I'd call it an acoustic Middle Eastern version with a touch of spookiness! This was my favorite performance of the night, which surprised me because I didn't care for last week's performance at all. But it was one of the mellowest tonight and I like female singers with rough alto voices, so there you go. A couple notes were shaky but overall her vocal was good. All the guys loved it. Dave played w/her a bit & psyched her out, saying "you took a classic Johnny Cash song and did *that* to it?!" and pausing, before saying that he thought it was great!

Josh Logan – With Arms Wide Open (Creed)
In his intro Brooke mentioned last week's performance and the guys' critiques, saying "this week he chose a tune with a little more rock." Which I know got sneers from all the "real rockers" who dismiss Creed as a rock wannabe! Josh quickly said as he started that this was for his son (awww). It was good, but nothing outstanding. Dave said he's potentially "one of the greatest singers I've heard in a long time," but that this performance was just average. Jason warned him against some of his mannerisms, which he described as "ad-libbing Stevie Wonder stuff."

Phil Ritchie – If You Could Only See (Tonic)
Phil is someone else whose voice and style don't seem to mesh for me. He's fairly affected, which one could get used to with time, but for now I enjoyed his voice more, for the most part, with my eyes closed. (Though he did surprise me a few times in being much more attractive than last week; he has a great smile and nice eyes but keeps them closed a lot while singing.) The guys liked it; Dave complimented his voice but said he still needs a better stage presence. Tommy said he liked the way he sings and his "swagger," and that he's a good-looking guy. Jason said what Tommy likes, he dislikes, calling it the "almost spineless feeling" way he moves around. He said he had to close his eyes to listen to him and wants him to stand still and just sing in the future.

Storm Large – Surrender (Cheap Trick)
This was good vocally, but I don't care for her stage persona/antics. I can see her fitting w/the band though. (Without the ponytails she wore tonight; too Courtney Thorne-Smith!) Mr. PezKat thought she seemed like she was trying to force it to be heavy rock, and she's too 'bug-eyed,' but that it was mostly ok. Jason said "the energy is always infectious with you" and that she keeps the audience's attention. Dave said "you can clearly sing" and said she has "a huge voice," but thought it had Broadway elements. He said "I want you to have character, but I don't want you to be one."

Patrice Pike – Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana)
Another song with big shoes to fill, as Jordis' version was an early standout last season. Other than missing the first line lyrically (which Dave pointed out but in his usual rocker fashion then said, "who cares?") she was decent. Good vocals, and she played electric guitar. Tommy said he'd prefer her to wear it lower. Gilby said he liked that "you stay yourself, do it your way."

Lukas Rossi – Don’t Panic (Coldplay)
Brooke said Lukas would show his "softer side" with this one. Definitely a different style of song than he did last week, more acoustic & mellow. I thought his rough voice seemed in contrast to the song style, but it was pretty good (and the small falsetto part was good). Dave said he has "a foot in today's rock & roll and a foot in the future." Jason warned him about constricting his throat when singing (Tommy interrupted & told Jason to "shut up," then laughed); that Lukas needs to take care of his "instrument," and Lukas seemed to understand.

Ryan Star – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (The Rolling Stones)
Mr. PezKat and I both pretty much hated this. Dave said that the song is "all about energy & attitude," and that he started out poorly but (after going into the audience & coming back) ended well. Tommy mentioned (and tried to demonstrate - seriously, his pants could not have been any lower and still be shown on tv!) Mick Jagger's "showboating" and said Ryan needs to "show me some boat!" (with some bleeping, I think)

Dana Andrews – Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf)
Her vocals were again very strong - smooth and powerful, on pitch and with good control. The performance was decent though her outfit made it look like she was trying too hard. Gilby said he was still waiting for some "dirty, dirty rock" to come out (& she said she'd bring it next time). Tommy said 4 words came to mind: "born to be mild." She got defensive & said she had leopard print, headbanging, etc... but if you have to tell us what your style is, it didn't come across (just ask Jessica on SYTYCD). Jason complimented her powerful vocal and said she has killer potential and is "great clay to work with."

Toby Rand – Somebody Told Me (The Killers)
Again a hard act to follow (Ty's version seemed to be a hit last year), but he did pretty well. I think it was arranged & sung more 'hard rock' than the original, but even without the techno pop instrumentals the rough, rock vocal came across as incongruous to me. I liked how he did the bridge and the first verse really highlighted how strong his vocals are (confirming what I thought last week). Gilby said this was the "perfect example of picking the right tunes," and that he killed it (ha!). Tommy said it's obvious from the crowd response that the girls love him, and he replied that's "lucky," because he likes girls! Cute. Dave said, and I quote: "Vocally, you are dialed." I think that means he liked it. :-)

I think the 2 best singers of the group are Dana & Toby. My favorite performance of the night was Dilana but I doubt I'll like most of the other things she does. I think Toby and Phil have potential, but at this point there's no one I really care about yet; if the show ended tomorrow I wouldn't be disappointed that I'm missing anything that's to come.

The early bottom 3 were Jill, Chris, and Zayra. My personal bottom 3 are also my prediction for voters' bottom 3: Jill, Ryan, and Zayra, with Zayra going home. If the voters put her in the bottom, and I don't see how they can't, I'll be shocked if the band doesn't cut her based on tonight's comments.

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