Saturday, July 8

SYTYCD Top 14 - Results

The opening number is Footloose (choreographed by Mary) and it's a blast! All the guys are in jeans and black sleeveless tees, and they start out w/sunglasses on. For most of the number everyone danced in pairs and there were a lot of tricks. It was fun to see some different pairings than usual, such as Jaymz & Ashlee, Dmitri & Heidi, and Travis & Allison. It seemed like Jaymz, Benji, & Travis were featured the most but maybe that's just because they're my 3 favorites. Donyelle was hardly seen; I think they kept her at the back so that she didn't have to dance as 'hard' & could favor her injury; if that's true then I'm glad they're thinking of things like that. (Actually later Mary mentions that last year the contestants got days off but they really don't this year, and several injuries are occurring related to that: besides Donyelle's toe, she said someone has a back injury and someone else has a knee injury; she didn't say who.)

I think Cat looks beautiful tonight; her hairstyle and dress are very flattering. She has Nigel clarify some comments he made last week about the solos; he says it wasn't the fact that people improvised that bothered him, but that they didn't "put thought behind it." He said you need to think about your music, what "planes" of dance you're going to do (floor/air), etc... He said they have to "know exactly what they're going to do, *then* they can improvise." Um, Nigel? Self-contradiction much?! He also added that you "can't fall off the stage & think you can get away with it, either" (& got some boos in response). Then Dan was asked about partner (in-)equality, and he said that while Musa & Natalie are a "great couple," she definitely "picks him up" some; and that Jessica "let Jaymz down" this week. He said for the most part the pairs are working well together. So, according to the voters, which ones aren't?

Musa/Natalie - safe
Benji/Donyelle - safe

Travis/Martha - safe
-after reviewing all 3 couple's performances and telling Travis & Martha are told they're safe, Cat says to the others, "you 4 have all danced for survival before, know how it feels to be in the bottom..." and are again tonight.

Dmitri/Ashlee - safe (and they were shocked!)
Ivan/Allison - bottom 3

When Cat had the 3 bottom couples stand together Jaymz reached over & touched Ivan's arm in encouragement, it was really sweet. Mary was shocked to see Ivan & Allison there; no big surprise. Nigel said that besides technique American looks for "entertainment" and though the swing was fun it was slow and apparently not memorable enough for people to pick up the phone. Next the solos:

Jessica - the red shorts again, sigh. It was just ok.

Jaymz - Paso Doble, cape & all! Very nice, and everything synchronized perfectly w/the music (except the end which was a bit rushed), though you could tell he was nervous. Afterward Cat asked if Nigel's comments last week influenced his choice of solo, & he said no, not really; he just wanted to do something different and fun. Cat at least loved it!

Heidi - a fun jive to Ike & Tina! In a short, fringy white dress which was just perfect for the dance. You could tell she was having a blast, & when Cat asked if she wanted to say anything to the judges she just talked about how much she enjoyed being able to dance for them & the audience (more freely, without having to count steps to match a partner).

Ryan - very good. Cat asked him if having previously been in the bottom put more pressure on their relationship, and he said no, and that Heidi is great to work with. He had the usual comments to the judges about being thankful for the opportunity, etc.

Allison - also very good. The music was slow but her moves were fast or more complex than most (read, Jessica or Aleks) have done. Cat asked how she copes w/the ups & downs (praise/criticism) and she said to just remember that every person there is amazing.

Ivan - decent, better than I was expecting. ;-) The crowd loved it. There were audio problems so I didn't catch all the Q&A, but he'd been laughing through most of it & when asked what he had to say to the judges, he said with a boyish grin & shrug, "You guys are cool!... love ya'!" :-) They all laughed, & he also said something softly about offering to shine their shoes, which Cat found very funny.

After a performance by guest artist Ne-Yo of "Sexy Love" (which wasn't bad, plus he and his 4 dancers were shown doing some interesting moves) it's time for the eliminations. Nigel does commend all of them for their solos, saying the judges felt all 6 were fighting for their lives on the show. He also says they're unanimous, at least about the girls (later he says they "became" unanimous about the guys)...

Allison is told she's one of the best all-around dancers on the show, and she's the first sent back to safety. Jessica is commended for being the first to do point work but again told we haven't seen the personality she keeps talking about. Heidi is told she has plenty of, and occasionally too much, personality. But she's obviously having fun and has good technique, so she's safe, and Jessica will be sent packing.

Ivan is brought forward first of the guys. Nigel says it was tough because he's not a great dancer (yet), except in his specialty, and that if not for his great solo tonight he would've been sent home! But as it is he's the first safe. Nigel asks Jaymz to confirm what his specialties are - ballroom, jazz, and hip-hop? Jaymz says yes, he does everything. Nigel is surprised that he would choose to "experiment" instead of showing his best stuff (which confuses me, because isn't P.D. ballroom?). Nigel tells Ryan that last week a good "technician" in Ben was lost, and Ryan similarly has technique but needs to bring the performances up. Mary would have sent Ryan home but was outnumbered by the guys, so Ryan is safe and Jaymz is sent home. Nigel tells him he's a good "all-around" dancer and that "it won't matter" in a few weeks when everyone will be receiving votes for individual performances instead of couples, as everyone will be doing solos and I didn't catch it all *or* understand what in the world he was talking about, but Jaymz just had a wonderful attitude. He actually gave Ryan a congratulatory hug immediately upon hearing that Ryan was safe! I'm sure he expected to leave, but that was just a very generous, sweet thing to do. In case you can't tell, he has become one of my favorites in the last couple of weeks, so I'm sad to see him go. I do think he's a great dancer and an even greater all-around guy, with a great smile and presence. I wish him well and hope he gets the recognition he deserves in the future.


Anonymous said...

I love that Footloose group number waaayyy too much! Lovelovelooooove.

I like Allison, but I did not enjoy her solo. I know that some people have explained the reasons why she danced the way she did, but it just didn't work for me.

I liked Ivan's solo a lot. And I haven't really liked much of what he's done since Vegas.


Kim said...

All right, I'm sucked in now. Are you happy? And when I saw - eh, I can't remember his name at 6:44AM, so I'll call him Basil - I was like, "Aaah! Clone!" Too funny.

P.S. - Lyrics quiz 2, The 90s Edition is up - with a PRIZE! Whee! 90s.html

I want to post about the lyrics on boards with chickens, but I fear because I've been gone for so long.

J.D. said...

I'm glad that someone besides me is recapping this show. I haven't even done Rockstar this year. I know, I'm failing my fans.

Kat said...

Yay!!! Welcome to the obsession. And his name is *Benji.* ;-)

As for the ghost chicken board, you could post, but I'm not sure anyone would see it. :-(