Monday, July 17


Sorry I didn't get to this earlier, but I've been mad busy! Fun stuff but busy (saw an awesome production - Broadway Across America - of Les Miz, went to see Cars, watched House of Flying Daggers, church & stuff, cat sitting, and had lots of company!). I'll just do the bare basics but if anyone wants to know more I do have the notes, so just ask.

RockStar: Toby got the encore. He also seems like the 'voice of reason'/big brother type from the mansion footage.

Bottom 3 were Jill, who sang "Bring Me to Life" and did an *awesome* job, was the first safe. Zayra displayed more attitude, sang the same song as the night before, and was somehow kept around for another week. Chris had his best performance yet with a stripped-down "If You Could Only See." The band went on and on about his great attitude, humility, ability to take criticism and grow, etc... and somehow got rid of him and kept Zayra. Whatever.

The spoilers I've heard make me very excited for this week's performances!!

SYTYCD: Doriana choreographed the disco opener to "Born to be Alive," and it was ok but not as good as previous weeks. Donyelle did not participate at all due to injury.

The format changes were announced: from now on partners will be randomly chosen as well as dance styles. Plus we're adding numbers. Each pair will dance 2 routines and each contestant will also dance a solo (Wednesday's show is 2 hours, though my local schedule doesn't show it!). Voting will be on an individual basis only and the male and female who each have the lowest number of votes will be eliminated.

Bottom 3 couples are Dmitry/Ashlee, Travis/Martha, and Musa/Natalie. The judges were "unanimous... not happy, but unanimous" in sending Ashlee and Musa home. Not too surprising. It will be interesting to see how individual voting switches things up.

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