Tuesday, April 29

AI7 - Top 5: Neil Diamond (4/29/08)

Tonight each contestant will sing 2 of Neil Diamond's songs. I'll just say now, it wasn't a very exciting or memorable show. Everyone pretty much did exactly what you would expect... though Paula was even less coherent than normal.

Jason "Forever in Blue Jeans" (playing guitar) and "September Morn" - both good, not great. Judges were meh.

David C. "I'm Alive" (elec. guitar) and "All I Really Need Is You" (acoustic guitar) - as Neil noted, two of his lesser-known songs. The first was fine, the second was very good. The crowd & judges also loved the 2nd.

Brooke "I'm a Believer" (guitar) and "I Am, I Said" (piano) - Well, she didn't fall apart this week, yay! Actually seemed to be confident and enjoying herself, especially for the 2nd, which was very good. Simon called the first a nightmare but all judges liked the second.

David A
. "Sweet Caroline" and "America" - Though upbeat, both songs were rather boring. Randy called the first "brilliant" but Simon said it was amateurish; Paula said the 2nd was the perfect song choice for him (no, not at all!) and Simon said it was a smart choice (lyrically).

Syesha "Hello, Again" and "Thank the Lord for the Nighttime" - "Hello, Again" was probably my favorite performance of the night. Of the songs I know that were done tonight, it's my favorite to begin with ("I Am, I Said" being 2nd), and hers was the first performance to really hold my attention. Simon called it old-fashioned and liked the 2nd better but said she still might be in trouble. Randy said the style of the 2nd (more musical theatre-ish) suits her very well.

Hard week to call. I think any of Jason, Syesha, or Brooke could go. I think Syesha has had the better performances the past 2 weeks so I hope she stays.

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