Wednesday, April 16

AI7 - Top 7 Results

There were almost 36 million votes last night. Will they save your favorite?

The group opens with Mariah's song "One Sweet Day." Jason is alone on the stage w/the first solo; Kristy out in the audience gets the 2nd, & then everyone else is on stage (most of the rest getting small solos). Nice song, though it can't be easy for David C. to be singing about death and losing loved ones this week.

Well, per norm for Top 7 week, Ryan will be sorting the contestants into 2 groups as they come out on stage. In the first round we get Jason and Carly in one group, and David C. and Kristy Lee in another. So at this point I'm a little surprised Jason's (apparently) in the Bottom 3, but we'll see what happens....

The Ford video is "I Want to Break Free" and is the most interesting one in a while, with everyone as stiff marionnettes who then get their strings cut and color sharpened, and run out to fun Ford cars.

Next Elliot Yamin is back and sings "Free." Yay, Elliot! Awww, at the end he shows he's written on his hand "We Miss You Mom," since she died very recently. Ryan expresses their condolences.

Syesha comes out and joins Jason and Carly. Brooke comes out and joins David C. and Kristy Lee. David A. is left backstage to wonder if he's cut or not (because last week, those remaining backstage were the Bottom 3!).

Viewer calls... some for judges, one for Kristy asking if she ever got her horse back (no), and one for David C. asking if he's single (yes)! Hee.

And then Mariah performs her new single "Bye Bye" (from her album released yesterday called EMC2). Sheesh, another song about death! Fortunately there weren't any camera shots of David or Adam, though I was wondering if David was still holding it together at this point. (He was probably fine. When Ryan brought him out earlier he asked about last night's emotions, and David took a minute to "think of how to word it," and tactfully said that "a lot of things" had been going on that week and he put a lot of himself into the song, and when it was over and he was getting good comments everything kind-of came together & hit him. Dude has class.)

Finally Ryan brings David A. out and announces that he is safe. And then a twist: Ryan tells David C. and Syesha to switch places! A-ha! So, our new groups are now Jason/Carly/David C. (obviously safe) and Syesha/Brooke/Kristy Lee (obviously Bottom 3). Ryan asks David A. to go join whichever group has the rest of the safe people. Par for the course, he refuses and sits down center stage. (You'd think the producers would realize by now that people aren't going to fall for the confusion trick & stop trying, but no....) Ryan says he should move toward the group on their left and then the 4 who are safe get to go to the couches.

Brooke is already emotional. Syesha is sent safely to the couches so Kristy Lee and Brooke remain. Each thinks it's her, and when Ryan asks & Simon says he thinks Kristy's time is up, Brooke gets all defensive & protective-mama since "we don't know that yet." However, we soon know that, and Kristy was mostly expecting it, but yes, her time is indeed up. Ryan makes another plea to the purchaser of Kristy's horse to let her buy it back and we get her exit video (which begins w/the horse story!). Then her sing-out, which she begins sitting on the judges' desk, singing to Simon! Gotta hand it to her, girl has a good sense of humor. :-) Her sing-out is good, and I will miss her.

Next week: Broadway with Andrew Lloyd Webber! Woo-hoo!

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