Wednesday, April 30

AI7 - Top 5 Results (4/30/08)

Wow - over 45 million votes last night! Some peeved/worried Jason fans, I'm thinking. (But not to worry!!)

Group song, yay! Medley including Cracklin' Rose, Song Sung Blue, Hot August Night, and Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show. Complete with almost-pointy pose at end! Much fun.

Ryan intro's tonight's "Idol alum update" and walks over to Constantine and Gina Glockson in the audience. They talk about their gig hosting American Idol Extra. Ace Young was sitting right in front of them but didn't get to say anything (but his album is coming out soon & looks to be awesome! [/album plug]). Kristy Lee is also shown a few times throughout the evening.

Ryan briefly addressed 'Paula-Gate' from last night, only saying "The rumors are not true. She's a part of our family and we love her." I'm guessing from that there were rumors that she was leaving the show. Totally didn't address the notes-from-dress-rehearsal issue or potentially-scripted rumor, but that's ok.


Jason: safe! Ryan asked him about Simon's comment (not being the same Jason they "put in the show") and he said that after thinking about it, he realized his best critiques have come either on songs that he already knew or songs that he changed, and he did neither this week.

David A: safe, which *really* surprised him!

Preview of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) 4 - can't wait!!

David C: safe! Ryan asked him what he thought when Paula said she felt she was looking at the next American Idol, and he said he immediately thought about Simon's saying that his good comment to Carly last week was the "kiss of death"! Hee. Fortunately Paula doesn't hold the same power.

That leaves the 2 girls for the Bottom 2 (or not? one of my friends pointed out that Ryan never said they were the Bottom 2, just that one of them is going home!). Brooke said she was able to "come back" after Simon's "nightmare" critique because she "finally kicked into happy, grateful mode" last night & was having fun (& thus performed better). As Ryan sent them over to the couches for the time being (guest performers & viewer calls), Brooke said, "We'll stay as long as we can!"

Natasha Bedingfield sings her new song "Pocket Full of Sunshine," and after finishing and chatting w/Ryan she heads over to the couch to sit by David Archuleta and gives him a hug and kiss! Apparently she's a fan, which I think is funny.

There's actually an interesting viewer call, from Simon's first crush & the girl he first kissed (when he was 9 years old)! Ha.

Ford video: "Catch the Wind." Nice, mellow song, lots of flowers growing in the video.

Neil Diamond sings one from his new album (dropping May 6 - same day as Clay's!) called "Pretty Amazing Grace." And does a mini-interview with Ryan.

Final results: Brooke is leaving, and begins crying as soon as Ryan brings the girls down onto the stage. She managed to get in a "Thank you" to fans and sang most of her song before completely breaking down. Sigh... I do love the girl, but her time had definitely come.

Next week: Final 4!!

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