Wednesday, April 23

AI7 - Top 6 Results (4/23/08)

Over 38 million votes last night (most of which apparently went to 2 contestants who *really* needed them, as we'll see later). Group number, accompanied by Lord Webber on the piano: "All I Ask of You." As much as I normally love group songs, this was a yawn-fest. Wish they could've done something more up-tempo (and not from Phantom!).

This week Ryan is bringing contestants out two by two, starting with the Davids. Ryan asked David C about his song choice and he replied that there had been things said about being unpredictable, so he thought, "What's more unpredictable than singing it the way it was written?!" LOVE this guy. ;) Both are safe, of course.

One of the best Ford videos evah tonight: song is "Tainted Love" and style mixes punk rock with comic books! Carly looks way scary but David C. looks very good.

There's a taped message from President and Mrs. Bush announcing Idol Gives Back has raised $65 million this year.

The next 2 out are Syesha and Brooke. And now comes the biggest surprise of the night: "Brooke, you are... SAFE!" To say she looked shocked would be an understatement. Syesha took it well, though, as she headed toward the Bottom 2 stools.

For this week's Idol alum update we get a clip about various folks who've done Broadway shows! Diana, Fantasia, and LaKisha are mentioned. Then we get interviews and show clips from Tamyra (currently in Rent) and Clay (Spamalot). Clay also got to plug his new album which comes out May 6. That was a great segment!

And this week's guest performer is Leona Lewis. If you haven't heard of her yet, you will. I like this song ("Bleeding Love") more every time I hear it, and look forward to hearing what else she can do. I just wish her success didn't have to fuel another round of Simon's "look how great *I* am at finding talent" smirks.

The last two contestants are Carly and Jason. Jason is hilarious, humming to himself (which we can all hear because he's mic'd) and looking like he just wants to get this over with! As Ryan recaps their performances he says something about not wanting to sing "now". And... he won't have to, because he's safe! Which puts Carly in the Bottom 2. Jason is mega-relieved, and gives Carly a quick hug before heading over to plop down on the (now singular) couch.

So we have roomies Syesha and Carly, and both get to sing their songs again before we find out who's leaving. Both do better tonight than last night (well, Syesha may not have sung better, but I enjoyed it more the 2nd time around having already heard the song once). Mr. Pez and I are glad that Syesha is staying over Carly, but I think a lot of people will be disappointed (and many shocked). I looked back, and I think Syesha has been in the Bottom 3 every week of the Finals except one! Perhaps we should nickname her Energizer. Regardless, she may have a future in musical theater. And Carly does not look upset at all; I'm glad she gets to leave after a good performance and enjoying herself so much. Should be clear sailing from here on in toward a David-David finale, but we'll see!

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