Tuesday, April 8

AI7 - Top 8: Inspirational Songs (4/8/08)

Another great night of performances!!

Michael - "Dream On" I was nervous, and was relieved that he didn't injure the song, but I'm not sure whether I actually enjoyed it, lol. He did surprise me by hitting the high notes. Randy said it was pitchy & not the best musical style for him (Michael defended the lyrics saying that's why he picked it). Paula loved it. Simon also said he prefers Michael doing more blues/soul stuff instead of "impersonating a rock star." Hee - and I agree!

Syesha - "I Believe" Since Fantasia is the only artist to record this (or at least the only one most people have heard), it was risky. She did a good job; the choir certainly helped create the right feel for it. Paula & Simon said that she sang it well, but all the judges said it lacked the emotional connection Fantasia had with it.

Jason - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Wow! Gutsy choice. Arrangement is by "Iz" and was total Jason style though. He played ukelele on it and it was simple, but beautiful. Very different, and captivating. The judges loved it as well; Simon said "fantastic!"

Kristy Lee
- "Anyway" I wasn't familiar with this song but it has *awesome* lyrics. She got the backing choir as well and did very well, with some softer parts and some glory notes. One of her best for sure. Randy was meh (really, on about everyone), but Paula & Simon loved it. Paula said she could tell she connected with it (yes!), and Simon said it was a smart choice.

David C - "Innocent" (Our Lady Peace) This is David's favorite band, and there is a line about wishing you'd never heard the word "cancer," so it's an obvious choice. (For those who may not have heard, one of his brothers has been battling cancer for years and had a recent "setback.") I'd read the lyrics in advance & wasn't sure what the message was, but his take was that everyone has a good side and you should be "comfortable in your own skin." He went into the audience and ended showing his palm with the words "Give Back." The vocals were good; not his best, but that's not what this performance was about. Paula got that though praised the vocals too, saying he's "the whole package." Randy & Simon were less kind; Simon said it was "a little pompous." (I don't think so at all.)

Carly - "The Show Must Go On" (Queen) One of her best! At least the first 3/4 of it or so. Very, very good; she connected w/the lyrics, the vocals were great, it was just really good. Paula said she didn't feel a connection though; Randy thought it was pitchy & Simon said it was a strange choice & she oversang it and sounded angry.

David A
- "Angels" (Robbie Williams) Another I'm not familiar with, but David did a good job (he played piano for the whole song). Good performance but nothing 'wow' about it. All the judges loved it; Randy said it was David's best and Simon said it was the best song choice of the night (and not his best vocal, but good).

Brooke - "You've Got a Friend" Very good, perfect choice for her. Randy was meh; Paula loved it; Simon said it was nice, pleasant. That's good enough!

I think Syesha, maybe Carly, and... I'll say Michael will be the bottom 3, with Syesha leaving.

Tomorrow night, just in case you didn't hear it at least one of the 3,592 times they've promo'd it, is Idol Gives Back! Starting at *7:30* (not 8) and running for 2 1/2 hours. Slight spoiler: SYTYCD fans, make sure you catch the opening!! :-)

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