Tuesday, April 15

AI7 - Top 7: Mariah Carey (4/15/08)

Mariah seems to have been a good mentor for the 'kids' this week. She was encouraging and complimentary, sometimes suggesting things but respectful of their choices as well.

David A - "When You Believe" Well, yes, he did the Disney song, of course. It was fine, but that was about it. (And please tell me the 17-year old Mormon boy wasn't wearing black leather pants?! While singing a Disney song, yet?!) Judges loved it.

Carly - "Without You" Now, Carly, by choosing this song, not only will you be compared to Mariah (and Nilsson), you'll be compared to Kelly Clarkson. She didn't murder it, but she certainly didn't measure up to Kelly, either. Randy & Paula liked it; Simon said he thinks she has the potential to pull it off, but that she didn't.

Syesha - "Vanishing" I don't know this one, and it seems rather strangely constructed, but her vocals were very, very good. Randy said it's a very difficult song to sing, but she did well ("all things considered"). Paula said it was smart to choose a lesser-known song, but Simon disagreed, though he said it was technically good.

Brooke - "Hero" She played piano on this, and started out really strong, like her early songs in the finals. However, when she got to the bridge it started going downhill. It didn't help that the camera froze in a close-up of her face and you could tell she was nervous & shaky; it really stayed in that shot an uncomfortably long time. Simon & Randy both said that it 'went south' at the bridge (Simon compared it to ordering a hamburger and just getting a bun). Brooke may in trouble tonight.

Kristy Lee
- "Forever" Mariah said that Kristy gave her goosebumps! Kristy really did a great job; the song sounds good in a country arrangement and Kristy didn't oversing but just sang very well. The crowd and Paula loved it; Randy & Simon were just meh.

David C - "Always Be My Baby" This sounded vaguely familiar to me but I don't know it well, so I can't really comment to the extent of his changes. But it was done very well, soft for most of it with some rock of course, and ending unresolved (Mariah said in rehearsal that she liked that he did it that way). It earned Randy's first standing ovation of the season! Paula said it could be on a movie soundtrack; Simon said it was "like coming out of karaoke hell (hee) into a breath of fresh air" and that David's risk-taking shows that he's the type of "artist" that could win this. David was very grateful - humbly proud, if that makes sense. He was a little teary and the cameras cut to his brother in the audience... if you haven't heard yet, Adam (36, from Terre Haute, Indiana) has brain cancer and was only able to come out to the show through major community support (doctors said he couldn't fly commercially, so Clarian Health paid for a private plane; the radio station paid for the hotel across the street from the studio; and he was accompanied by his wife, 2 young children, and a private nurse). I'm sure David was thrilled to have done so well and gotten such high praise the night that Adam was there.

Jason was last with "I Don't Want to Cry." Another I don't know, but seemed a great choice for him and he sang very well. He sat on a stool but didn't play guitar. Randy didn't love it but Paula & Simon did (Simon said it wasn't the best vocal of the night, but it was a very good performance).

My prediction for Bottom 3: Carly, Brooke, and Syesha, with Brooke leaving.

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