Thursday, April 3

AI7 - Top 9 Results (4/2/08)

If Ryan said how many votes were cast, I missed it, sorry. We start off with a group performance of "9 to 5," and there is deliciously cheesy choreography, plus solos for everyone, yay!

And for the first time in years, we aren't going to have 3 groups of 3 for the Top 9 eliminations! Perhaps that's because this year's bottom 3 are more predictable so it wouldn't be the shocker that it's been in the past. So, we have them come out one by one, like the last few weeks...

Michael - safe.
David A - safe.
Carly - safe.

Viewer calls segment (lots of questions on the screen for David Cook!). Then guest performance by winners of last summer's Fox adventure, "Next Great American Band," The Clark Brothers! Yay! Except they're doing "This Little Light of Mine," again. It's a cool arrangement and obviously speaks to their deep faith, but it's very repetitive & those of us who watched NGAB have heard it several times already. Oh, well, it's still much better than many guest performances they've had.

Ford video: "It's Tricky," about basketball. Not very exciting (I think this is the weakest year for the videos!).

David C - safe. (And Ryan had him explain about his blood-pressure related hospital visit after last night's show, and that he's fine.)
Ramiele - Bottom 3. (Yes! Now, she *has* to go home, because if she hits B3 and doesn't, the fan base will be extra motivated and she'll be safe at least another week or two!)
And Kristy - also Bottom 3.

Another show highlight, and something I've been greatly anticipating: video "Where are they now?" segment on 3 Idol alums currently living in Nashville, TN (since this is country week & all). Season 5's Bucky Covington (LOVE!) is up first and talks about his album, which is about to have its 3rd single released (it's really good; if you like country music at all then go get it!). Then last year's Phil Stacey (also LOVE), whose first album 'drops' April 29th. Lastly Season 4's Bo Bice (like! hee) discusses his health-imposed time off after his 1st album, the 'return to his (Southern rock) roots' for his 2nd album, & how awesome it is to be a dad. Awww. Great segment!!

Syesha - safe (I guessed that one wrong but got the others right!).
Which leaves Brooke & Jason, with Jason safe and Brooke in the Bottom 3.

More plug for Idol Gives Back, with a story about 2 sisters being reunited because someone had enough money from IGB to drive around in a minivan looking for the lost one, or something. I know they raise lots of dough & the performances are great, but I'm sooooooo sick of the plugging and plugging and plugging already!

Finally Dolly performs. The song is called "Jesus and Gravity" and is rather strange lyrically, talking about having one to lift her up and the other to hold her down. There is a choir and the last third of the song is all Jesus-y and totally forgets about the gravity part. So both guest performances are very strong with the Christian message, which is great, but somehow very strange in this context. Also Dolly is a bit like Brooke in that she needs something to do w/her hands while she performs other than just waving them around.

And now the results: Brooke is sent back to the couch (after Ryan asks her why she's all emotional already, & she says she was all stressed about eliminations but then IGB put real problems into perspective & then on top of that, the Jesus song!). Leaving Kristy and Ramiele... and surely Kristy won't be sent packing on country week... and she's not! Ramiele is gone. Kristy hugs her tightly for about 10 minutes, and I think Ryan was afraid she was going to disintegrate into a puddle of tears because he was all congratulatory about her having made it this far, etc. Video package, then we see all the female contestants on stage behind her (& the guys come over once she starts singing). She's emotional, of course, but once she gets into her singout she focuses on the performance and does a good job. Well done, and she gets to be on tour, and not remembered mainly for making it much further than she should have (see Trias, Jasmine). Hugs, etc.

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