Tuesday, April 22

AI7 - Top 7: Andrew Lloyd Webber (4/22/08)

This week the contestants got to work with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (at the Vegas Phantom of the Opera theater). He had never seen the show before (I read previously in an interview) but did enjoy working with the contestants. Tonight's celebrity audience sightings include David Duchovny, Alison Janney, and Courtney Cox.

Syesha - "One Rock & Roll Too Many" (apparently from Starlight Express, which I've never even heard of) This was a jazzy song, and she started on the piano, then later interacted w/several band members (I will say Ricky Minor certainly had a fun night!). It was good, though not necessarily memorable since I don't know the song to begin with. Randy says it's her best performance yet; Simon says she was sexy and this genre fits her well (he was glad to finally see some "personality").

Jason - "Memory" Wow. Well, you knew sooner or later there was going to be something he couldn't pull off... this was certainly it. This song just doesn't work with soft, "Jason-style" music. The judges pretty much agree; Simon said he even looked "miserable" while singing (I wouldn't go that far; he did as well as he could and was definitely into the lyrics).

- "You Must Love Me" (from Evita) Another false start, except this time she had to stop the whole band! 2nd time through was good but I'm not sure people know the song (I don't), and it's likely the error will be more memorable than the actual performance. Her time has come and gone. Ryan asked Simon what he would have done & he actually said he'd have stopped too, but Paula said that's something a performer should never, ever do (I tend to agree).

David A - "Think Of Me" (Phantom) Hmm, Ryan let a whole passel of girls (all sisters??) come up and hug David before the performance. In the practice clip we see Sir Webber encouraging David to open his eyes while he sings, but he was otherwise pleasantly surprised that a "boy" could pull this off (instead of a female diva type). I liked this very, very much! Definitely his best in quite some time, and my 2nd favorite performance of the night. Randy & Paula loved it as well, but Simon said it was forgettable and one of his weakest weeks (nope, not at all!).

Carly - "Jesus Christ Superstar" Good choice style-wise for her, but I thought she took it a bit too lightly and was too bouncy/fun for the lyrics. She also had a very, very unfortunate pattern on her dress (seriously, do they not get fashion advice? We didn't really need an anatomy lesson, did we?). The judges liked it; I'm curious to see what viewer response is like. She also continued to be (waaaay) overly eager for Simon's approval.

Last is David C. with "The Music of the Night" Once again deserving of the given 'pimp spot.' I'm glad this genre is happening late enough in the game that he feels comfortable singing it straight; he even admits his musical theater background! This. was. amazing. May be my first iTunes download; I can imagine the live version must have sounded fantastic (in the theater itself) but I also anticipate the studio recorded version will be incredible. Simon doesn't like him in this style of music, but Randy & Paula loved it. Definitely the standout of the night, though it wouldn't take much tonight, unfortunately.

I predict Syesha, Jason, and Brooke for the Bottom 3 with Brooke (please!) going home.

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